Finding That Perfect Mate

First of all, if you think there is a perfect mate out there, you’re probably also searching for a unicorn-riding leprechaun carrying a golden egg-laying goose. Believe me when I say this does not come from a place of cynicism but of reality. Too many of us have a glamorized view of what our... -Read More

Platelets: The New Pink

  It’s pink season again. With October being the official breast cancer awareness month, the color pink is in full bloom. But what does wearing pink have to do with curing breast cancer? For some, it is a reminder to have a breast exam for early cancer detection. For others, it is the time... -Read More

Can Arts and Entertainment be Your Ministry?

Do you have a love for the arts and a passion for Jesus? Wish you could act, sing, or dance while sharing the gospel? Or maybe you love being a part of the entertainment biz, but prefer to be behind the scenes working the magic. If this calls to you in any way then... -Read More

Are You Hiding Your Faith

One of the best compliments I received was a co-worker refusing my help on her injury-on- duty report. How is this a compliment? She refused my help based on me being a Christian and assuming I would not lie in the report. She was right — I wouldn’t have lied. She chose to have... -Read More

Evolution Versus Creation – Is it Worth the Fight?

As Christians we are told to always be prepared to give a defense for our faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior. (1 Peter 3:15) This also extends to the truths that are found in the Bible. One of the most “popular” defenses is standing on the conviction that our universe was created by... -Read More

Should We Have Higher Standards in Musical Tastes?

  Consider the age-old question:  Should Christians have a higher standard in their musical tastes than non-believers?  Actually, it probably is not ‘age-old’ because in ancient times there was not the onslaught of different musical genres or questionable lyrics that we are faced with today. Even looking at church worship, we see in recent... -Read More

Students to Impact the Community in Firewall Centers Serve-A-Thon

This year Firewall Centers will host their 3rd annual signature Serve-A-Thon event April 30th. Firewall is a faith-based ministry program going into the public schools that provides daily, after-school tutoring and mentoring services designed to help students achieve academic success, build character and transform students into servant leaders. These low income/at risk students are... -Read More

Is Celibacy Relevant Today

When returning to Christ 5 years ago after an extended period of wandering in the wilderness, I found it hard to believe that modern Christians were embracing a standard of celibacy. For the young adults taking the purity pledge, this seemed like a good idea — but for people my age? At the time... -Read More

Creative Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

Whether you believe in celebrating ‘Hallmark’ traditions or not, showing your appreciation for your loved one is key to keeping the relationship and romance alive. Stumped on how to do that? You could, of course, go the easy and traditional way of dinner and a movie, equipped with candy and roses in hand, but... -Read More