Mental Health And The Faith

  October is mental health month and many Christians struggle with how they feel about the whole subject of mental health. Is there such a thing as mental illness? Is the Bible alone sufficient to treat mental health issues? Are therapists just giving people a way to rationalize and escape responsibility for their actions?... -Read More

Transitioning Through the Seasons of Life

    Schools are starting back up after the summer and the fall season is upon us. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Most people have a favorite season and one that they don’t look forward to. One thing for sure regardless of how we feel about any season they will constantly come... -Read More

A Time Decision

  In the words of those 1960’s philosophers, The Animals, “It’s my life and I’ll do what I want.” The life philosophy championed by them and others in this decade was “I’ll spend my life or time the way I think best.” Is the most satisfying and profitable use of our time found in... -Read More


Mother’s Day is a time when we remember and celebrate mom. However, for many people this day is rather difficult. For some it is a reminder of a broken dream of being a mother. For others it is bittersweet as they remember a loving mom who is no longer with them. But there is... -Read More

I’m Bored

“I’m bored.” What parent hasn’t heard those words from their children? But sometimes the children aren’t the only ones saying it. Many adults have said the same thing to their spouse or to themselves. Boredom is closely linked to a lack of contentment in life. They are both feelings about the inability to enjoy... -Read More

Dealing with Death’s Reality

American culture does not deal well with the reality of death. Most people live in denial of it. We pretend it will never happen to us or to someone we love. When death touches our life in some way, most of us don’t know how to act, what to say or how to grieve.... -Read More

Live Intentionally

Life is a wonderful gift from God. It is valuable, fragile, fleeting and constantly changing. It is full of contrasts: joy and sorrow, life and death, war and peace. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 says it best: “For everything there is a season…” Every negative of life has a positive, and because of the negative, we are... -Read More

Naughty Or Nice?

Do you remember hearing “Santa Claus is coming and he only brings toys to nice boys and girls. If you are naughty all you will get is a lump of coal.” Naughty or nice, does God work like Santa Claus? God or Santa As Christmas approaches how about you, have you been naughty or... -Read More

Happy Holidays – Bah Humbug

What’s in your holiday celebrations? For many it’s their favorite time of the year. For others it means nothing but stress, anger or sadness. This process of inner dread may have already started as they have seen the decorations go up in stores and malls. Why are there such extreme views about this time... -Read More