Don’t Let Life Drain Your Contentment

On the CD, I heard the instructor’s statement. Then I hit the back button to hear it again, and again. “You can eat right, rest well, exercise, build your inner self up to feeling very strong and 15 minutes later feel totally drained.” “Yow!” I thought. “That’s happened to me…and I didn’t understand it.”... -Read More

Keep The Brain, Body & Spirit Moving

Now with just the two of us, it was time to sell our large family home in the country. We had two acres and plenty of space to be very active with family and friends. But that meant lots of mowing, trimming, weeding, water system maintenance and house upkeep time and expense. The effort... -Read More

Live a Steering Wheel Life Forever

Driving down the road never happens in a straight line; it requires using the steering wheel. It’s amazing how many hundreds and thousands of times we adjust the steering wheel to continue in the direction we want to go. A small adjustment is needed almost every second. That’s very much like living our daily... -Read More

Factors to Consider When Choosing a College

Which job should I take? What car should I buy? Should I do this…or…not? Is this the right person for me…to marry? Should I go to college and earn a degree? And, which college is best for me? “Ahhh! What do ‘You’ want me to do Oh God? “   Jeremiah was an Old... -Read More

What Makes us Laugh Out Loud

Oddly enough, a professor of psychology by the name of Richard Wiseman (yes, wise-man) made a resolution in 2002 to discover the world’s funniest joke! Ha! What did he do to make his resolution happen? He created a website called in collaboration with the British Science Association and asked people to send their... -Read More

Help for Dads and Moms to Change Kids’ Behavior

  “I’ve tried everything!” said Maria. “Discipline plans, behavior methods, every program I can find, but the kids are still not well behaved! What’s the secret? Can you help me, please?” In this case Maria was a teacher. Dr. Pearson, our visiting professor and a successful principal in K-12 education, responded, “Tell me what... -Read More

Getting Back to Fulfilling Your Dream

“We were returning from a cross-country hike to our camp at Red Can Lake. The acres of glaciated granite all looked the same to me but I wasn’t worried. Walt knew the way. All I had to do was stick close. Then Walt surprised me. ‘Want to lead for a while?’ he offered. ‘I... -Read More

How Does Instinct Affect a Child’s Behavior and Learning

Newly hatched sea turtles crawl up through the sand, and run lickety-split straight to the ocean. Their mother is gone; no one taught them to do that; it’s instinct. Newborn baby kangaroos instinctively climb into their mother’s pouch, different species of birds display amazingly diverse nest building habits, and the fighting and courtship behaviors... -Read More

The Secret Ingredient of a Strong Soul

“I wonder where I’ll be, and what I’ll be doing ten years from now.”  Did you ever say that? I’m saying it to myself right now. We were created to grow; our life is growth. James Allen said in his famous book As a Man Thinketh, “Man is a growth by law.” As we’re... -Read More

Trends and Insights for Millennials

When Grandma can’t figure out how to work that Smart Phone, what can she do? She simply asks her 5-year-old grandson or grand-daughter to help. They can do it. No problem. And when Grandpa was a boy, the comic book creators newly introduced the hero detective Dick Tracy…who actually had a telephone on his... -Read More