Family, Choices, and the Media

“Life is about finding the meaning, joy and purpose in all the chaos,” declares Allyson, the main character in the movie “Mom’s Night Out.” The film is intended to be a funny, faith-based, family-friendly portrayal of four moms who are desperate for a night out, leaving their husbands to watch the kids for a... -Read More

NOAH: An Opportunity to Discuss the Truth

Anyone plugged into the world of cinema entertainment would have heard hype caused by the movie, Noah, released last month. Reviews were raving, yet very mixed in range. Half of movie viewers strongly disliked or disagreed with the way the film was presented, whereas others, found a different perspective, believing the movie to be... -Read More

Spring Films Worth Watching

Springtime is upon us, and with it come fun and thought-provoking films to enjoy. With convenient entertainment options Netflix and Redbox, it seems that people are spending less and less at the theatres these days. This is understandable since it often feels like you could spend the day at Disney World for the price... -Read More

Upcoming Christian Films

Christian films in the theaters used to be rare events. However, we are now being blessed with more and more faith-based films, many of which deliver powerful, life-changing messages. These inspirational films are truly a “light in a dark place” that strengthen believers and can serve as an outreach to the unchurched. We can... -Read More

Fall Films

Fall is here, and has brought a few promising films with it. Fall is a kind of transitional period; it isn’t summer blockbuster season anymore, but we haven’t reached the endless list of Oscar contenders that usually get packed in toward the end of the year either. In this season, we find a variety... -Read More

Social Justice Films

As we wrestle with the question of what social justice truly means, here is a list of films with stories and themes that exemplify the subject. The topics of these films range from slavery to murder, and even genocide, and some contain genuinely disturbing material. Consider carefully, and even prayerfully which films you will... -Read More

Fun Summer Movies

Summer is here, and with it comes a season of fun and exciting films. Certainly there are less Oscar-worthy dramas vying for our attention as theaters fill up with action, adventure and comedy genres. These flicks often lean a bit more on flash and fun than depth and substance, but that does not mean... -Read More

Great Gatsby & The Gospel

Late in his life, F. Scott Fitzgerald scrawled a line in a notebook that has often been repeated, “There are no second acts in American lives.” There are days when I believe this, or at least live like I do. I feel the discouragement of a familiar cycle running its course. The prospect of... -Read More

Spring Films You Won’t Want To Miss

We are coming out of the winter movie dry spell that leaves us searching for a good film like water in the desert. As we look ahead to the coming weeks, these are the films that you likely will not want to miss. Jurassic Park 3D Everyone’s favorite movie with dinosaurs and mayhem is... -Read More

The Lost Medallion

The Lost Medallion is a fantasy adventure story that kids are sure to love, and parents are sure to appreciate the positive message and spiritual undertones that the film conveys. The story starts when Daniel Anderson stops by a foster home to drop off some donations on his way to a ball game. After... -Read More