Consequences of Porn on Our Culture

A recent study by The Barna Group titled, “The Porn Phenomenon: A Comprehensive New Survey on Americans and Pornography” was released recently and it revealed what is stated to be a “cavalier” attitude towards pornography and pornography use particularly among teens and young adults.  I would not disagree with these findings based on my... -Read More

The Passover Lamb

Passover is known as the Festival of Redemption because it commemorates the children of Israel’s freedom from slavery in Egypt some 3,500 years ago. We know the story in Exodus well: God chose Moses and sent him to tell Pharaoh to “let My people go.” Pharaoh refused and Egypt was visited with ten different... -Read More

African Children’s Lives Changed Through Music

It’s amazing how a simple act of kindness could inspire a lifelong ministry that helps thousands of children. Very often we meet people in our day to day life and activities. Some lead to long term friendships, business opportunities, jobs and in Ray Barnett’s case it led to more ministry.  Ray Barnett, founder of... -Read More

Sugar’s Sweet Deception

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the mountainous health advice we receive every day? It sometimes seems as if everything is going to send us to an early grave. The sad truth is that our food chain is contaminated, and perhaps one of the most destructive and harmful substances to the human body is... -Read More

God As A Kid in The Young Messiah

So what was it like to raise the Son of God? When He was learning to walk, did He know He had made the flowers his feet crushed? Was He popular? Did He make childhood friends? Is it at all telling that no one ever steps forward claiming to be His best friend after... -Read More

Sensere Brings Their Music Outside Church Walls to the People

Although small beginnings is where Sensere may have started, the appropriately titled name for this humble band is certainly far beyond where they are now. A melodic infusion of gospel, R&B, jazz and neo-soul, Sensere is focused on living out God’s vision by taking their music from the church to the world. The band,... -Read More

Risen is Sure to Captivate Audiences

I know I’m not supposed to, but I have to admit it I love a good fight. The new New Testament era movie “Risen” starts with a brilliant Roman era battle scene. This is where director Kevin Reynolds set the hook in me. The scene was not over done. It was a simple, believable... -Read More

The Masked Saint – A Match of Two Natures

“The Masked Saint” is based upon the novel by pastor and former professional wrestler Chris Whaley. In the film, Chris Samuels (played by Brett Granstaff) has decided that it is time to hang up the tights and replace them with ties as he follows God’s leading to become a pastor. But while trying to... -Read More

Do You Hear What I Hear?

  It will surely happen: I know it! Promptly on January 1, 2016, the annual countdown will begin! Sometime during that day, without warning, a cheery, sweet voice will indubitably say, “Only 11 more months to Christmas dear!” It happens every year, and then…all year.   My Christmas fanatic! I live with a Christmas... -Read More