Active Faith

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Faithful. Humble. Grateful. Obedient. Serving. These are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind after spending a weekend at the Christian Mastermind Summit at St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton, hosted by David Green and his lovely wife of 55 years, Barbara Green. David Green has closely followed Biblical principles... -Read More

Going Up to Jerusalem

The city of Jerusalem is the highlight of any pilgrimage to the Holy Land. It is not just a city that has some 4,000 years of history, making it one of the oldest cities on earth, but it is mentioned 806 times in the Bible with names as beautiful as “City of God,” “Joyful... -Read More

Choosing from a Smorgasbord of Beliefs

One of the belief systems that is becoming popular in some Christian circles and some churches attempting to be inclusive and relevant is the concept of Cafeteria Christianity. This suggests that one is free to pick and choose which of the essential Christian doctrines to believe, as one chooses the food he or she... -Read More

The Hands and Feet of Christ in Burkina Faso

(WNS)–Missionary Michael Riddering never suspected the coffee shop in West Africa would be the death of him and 27 others until it came under attack by al-Qaeda terrorists on Jan. 15. Riddering was with a pastor named Valentin in Ouagadougou, the Burkina Faso capital city, waiting to meet a group of short-term missionaries who... -Read More

Wise Men Still Seek Him

Christmas is coming, and we see “Wise men still seek Him” on bumper stickers, magnets and tree ornaments. Wisdom gets lost in the hustle of December. Fatigue, over-scheduling and unrealistic goals cause us to throw optimism out the door. Let us inquire, probe and investigate (Deuteronomy 13:14) with hearts keeping Christ in Christmas! Seeking... -Read More

A Visit From the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, & Future

Marley was dead. That’s an odd way to begin a Christmas story, but it’s how Charles Dickens opens “A Christmas Carol.” Written to pay off a debt, the story of Scrooge being haunted by three ghosts is one of the world’s most enduring Christmas tales – perhaps second only to the original story of... -Read More

Being God-Clingy

I am filled with funny stories of my humanity. Sometimes it’s so difficult to be a human – truly human and truly alive. The great thing is God is strong in our weakness. Isaiah 40:29 says: “He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless” (NLT). Two years ago, I spent some... -Read More

Oh Come Let Us Adore Him

  Truly it is the most wonderful time of the year when we fix our focus on celebrating Christmas and the coming of our Savior as a baby born in a manger. The season leading up to Christmas Day is called Advent. The Latin word adventus means “coming” or “visit,” and that is exactly... -Read More

Urban League to Host 10th Annual Community Prayer Breakfast

People from all walks of life, cultures and faiths will gather for the Urban League’s 10th Annual Community Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, December 5, at the First Church of the Open Bible in Lauderdale Lakes. Focusing on the theme of thanksgiving, the Urban League of Broward County invites community, business, educational, religious and political... -Read More

New Prayer App Invites God into the Action

This may shock you, so hang on. According to many theologians, Biblical research reveals that prayer does NOT change things. Now, please catch your spiritual breath and allow for a short explanation. Praying goes beyond a presentation of problems and troubles. Praying does something else. Biblical prayer asks for God to come on the... -Read More