Got Questions?

Question – Is self sex okay? – Kevin, 25 Kevin, This is a great question and one that many godly Christian leaders have wrestled with and have differing opinions on. To be honest with you, there is not a clear answer in the Bible whether or not masturbation is right or wrong. However, we... -Read More

Generation Why?

What about this generation, typically referred to as Gen-Y, post baby boomers, the millennial generation, roughly born between the mid-70’s-90. Where do you stand? Oh I’m sure if you’re a boomer like me, your head has spun a few times at the sight of a Gen Y-er. I mean c’mon, what’s with the tattoos,... -Read More

Ready for a Season of Change?

I live in Northeast Indiana where there are four distinct seasons. It is an exciting time of year because we are currently leaving summer behind and entering fall. The leaves on the trees are changing colors, the air is getting cooler and each day seems to get shorter and shorter. Eventually, fall will end... -Read More

Don’t Let Fear Immobilize You

A couple of years ago, I had a conversation with my grandma about traveling around the world to experience amazing cultures, natural wonders, cities and people. She told me she had never been on a plane and would never get on one either! I asked, “Why grandma?” Her response was, “I am afraid to... -Read More

Got Questions?

People say that the Bible is not in its true form due to the fact that it has been edited and translated over the years. How can we trust or know that what we are reading is truly what God intended it to be? Many Believers in Jesus Christ and skeptics have wrestled with... -Read More

A Bright Light in Desperate Times

Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere, has been in turmoil for decades and has had no real successful plan to fix the overwhelming problems it has faced. This country has been plagued with economic collapse, governmental corruption, poor health conditions, bad roads, little electricity, no real sewers, a huge trash dilemma, contaminated... -Read More

Got Questions?

How important is physical attraction when looking for a spouse? – Heather, 25 Hi Heather, Great question! God created each of us to be unique and special and with a specific destiny for our lives. God has also wired each person desiring marriage to be attracted to certain types of men or women of... -Read More

You Are One of a Kind

God created you unique and special – not like anyone else on the face of the planet. He put natural talents and abilities in you because He has a purpose for you while you are here on the earth to make a difference. Your loved ones need you; your community needs you. The world... -Read More

Are You Making Wise Decisions?

Everyday we are faced with decisions. Some are extremely important and take time weighing out before choosing a right course of action, while others have very little impact on us and can be made rather quickly. Unfortunately, many of us have made poor choices whether it was regarding a marriage partner, a place of... -Read More

Got Questions?

Q: If God is all knowing and all powerful, then why did He let Adam and Eve sin? – Juan, 29 Juan, Thank you for your question. Many great theologians and scholars throughout time have asked and wrestled with that very question. You are not alone in wondering why. I am not a theologian,... -Read More