Practical Application

Gender Roles

While in our modern context, we might not immediately recognize Jesus’ attitude towards women as particularly radical or liberating—that is indeed what it was to women trapped in a highly patriarchal system with few legal rights and subjugated to male authority. By giving women places of honor in his life, ministry and legacy, Jesus... -Read More

Denominations Explained

It is no secret that mainline denominational churches have been on a steady decline for decades. The non-denominational church has been “it” for the last 30 plus years. However, with a recent surge of new denominational-affiliated church plants, as well as a resurgence of reformed theology in recent years, some denominations are beginning to... -Read More

Beauty as Intended

I sat here in complete awe of how beautiful she was. I admired every feature, every curve, and thought to myself, “How is it possible that someone could be that stunning and how do I get like that?! These fashion magazines must have secret places where they breed perfect-looking people.” I went on for... -Read More

Should Women Work?

The Bible is clear that we are God’s masterpiece. He embedded gifts within each of us before the beginning of time to perform specialized tasks here on Earth (Ephesians 2:10). Actually, the calling God places on our hearts can never be withdrawn;, according to Romans 11:29 it’s irrevocable. Kind of like a divine Mission... -Read More

5 Tips for Finding the Right Church

Life is all about choices. From the more complex decisions like what career to pursue, who to marry and where you want to live, to the simpler ones like choosing what to wear in the morning. In fact, reading this article is a choice. No matter what we do, there is no running away... -Read More