for better or worse

“Why are we washing dishes again dad?” my young son asked me. “We always wash, Dad. Should mom be doing this?” It was a natural question coming from a child who believed we had gone past our responsibility of service. Why are we still serving? Thankfully, he stopped just short of saying, “Mom should... -Read More

families are losing touch in cyberspace

As social interaction changes from verbal conversations to texted acronyms or 140-character bites, parents and adolescents find themselves in a generational gap, widening a chasm of non-communication within families, says Dr. Jimmy Myers, owner and director of the Timothy Center in Austin, Texas, and author of “Toe to Toe with Your Teens.” The Nielsen... -Read More

Three Ts that invaded the family

There was a time when a father could build a moat around his family to protect them. If he had the resources, Dad could build a trench around his castle and keep invaders out. However, in the past 50 years, that moat has been breached. The problem is, as dads, we don’t realize the... -Read More

Ways To Teach Children About Money

Parents are the best example our children will have of how to make money, manage it wisely and use it to fulfill God’s purposes. They watch us very closely and more often will “do as we do” rather than “do as we say.” We should openly discuss the family finances in their presence. We... -Read More

How do I prepare my children for the financial responsibilities of COLLEGE?

It’s a time-honored tradition that is a dream come true – and a potential nightmare. How do parents enthusiastically prepare their children for college and their first taste of independence, while also warning them about the pitfalls that can lead to financial disaster? Students who get an early handle on their income and spending... -Read More

Traditional memories

                We are heading into a season of great opportunity.                 For some families, Thanksgiving and Christmas help define who they are. For others, these holidays are little more than eating and an expense.            ... -Read More

Time for Change

What if you knew a way to limit the probability that your teenager would become pregnant? Wouldn’t you make whatever changes were necessary to help your child avoid an unplanned pregnancy? Wouldn’t almost any change be worth it? Change” is the word that took the election by storm. We have been hearing a lot... -Read More

When the going gets tough, the saint calls for help

                Today was a tough day. Our youngest son Zack has been sick for a few days, and today he was having difficulty breathing. We took him to the doctor, and after two breathing treatments there was no improvement. His oxygen count was dropping. The next stop... -Read More

The power of a father’s blessing

Every son wants a blessing from his dad. Even adult sons seek affirmation from their fathers. The silent question, “Dad, do you love me?” is written on the heart of each son. This Father’s Day, when your children give their dad a card, it’s the perfect opportunity for Dad to give his children the... -Read More

Raise and release

Last month my oldest son went on his first Boy Scout camping trip by himself. For the first time, he was completely away from me and his mom. It made me wonder if I have done all I can to prepare him. How did he manage? Did he do the right things? How did... -Read More