Deja’Vu: Caring for An Aged Loved One

Standing in line at Home Depot with a cart full of boxes, moving paper, bubble wrap, and tape, the cashier said, “Ma’am, you’re next.” In a haze, deja’vu, so to speak was I. An overwhelming sense of familiarity, “I’ve done this” washed over me. Less than two years ago we lost Mother to cancer,... -Read More

Summer Fun in Broward

As excited as everyone becomes about summer vacation, the time eventually comes when the typical ideas fail to relieve boredom. Even people with two-week vacations can find the time moves too slowly without something interesting to do. Many find reading an interesting book, visiting friends or a trip to the library enriching, but there... -Read More

Family Reunions Help Tell the Story of Us

In “the good ol’ days,” Jim and Shirley Cox, of Plantation, celebrated their annual family reunion at their beach house in a little coastal town called Garden City in South Carolina. The reason for the reunion was simple: to bring family members together. There was no schedule of activities to be planned, no internet... -Read More

When We Love Them, We Fight for Them!

As parents, we will face countless trials and tribulations.  Sometimes the issues are small — sometimes they can spiral out of control.  As a mother there have been more times than I care to count where the possibilities were frightening, but the options were few. Many times my only option was…fight. When we love... -Read More

Study Reveals Strategies for College Success

  Eager to have a family picture taken, 18-year-old Natasha Atencio nearly sprinted, in heels, through the West Broward Church of Christ lobby toward her mother’s Bible study class. She knocked on the closed door, opened it and motioned for her mother to come out. “That’s Natasha,” said Melvern Atencio, Natasha’s mother, who excited... -Read More

Summertime When the Livin’ is Easy

“Summertime when the livin’ is easy…” are lyrics that can grab your attention like no other song can about this chilled but hot, fun season. For some, the idea of going on a summer vacation fills you with unchecked joy. You’ve been fantasizing the months between June and August with the keen expectancy associated... -Read More

The Challenges of Being a Single Dad

Single parenting is a very difficult job, so many of us need clear guidance. And the Bible does speak to us from cover to cover. “Good,” you reply. “I’ve been looking for some help. Give me some verses aimed at single parents that tell us what to do with our kids.” Unfortunately the Bible... -Read More