And Baby Makes What?

You’re about to become parents. Congratulations! Now your marriage is going to be even stronger, and you’ll be happier—right? After all …“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him” (Psalm 127:3). The effect of children on marital satisfaction In a May 9, 2016 Fortune article, Matthew Johnson, professor of... -Read More

Advice for Graduates: Choose Your Friends Wisely

  Every 2016 High School graduate is about to face a new world. This is a world of independence, freedom and self-discovery — a world in which becoming a responsible adult is the end game and learning how to become a responsible adult is the process in which to get there. If you have... -Read More

The Incredible Shrinking Spouse

You’ve met them — men/women who over twenty years of marriage lose their joy and wither at the hands of their biggest critic  their spouse. Is this you? Picture it. Joe comes home after working all day in the heat at a job he really doesn’t like. He took it after he got laid... -Read More

Is Celibacy Relevant Today

When returning to Christ 5 years ago after an extended period of wandering in the wilderness, I found it hard to believe that modern Christians were embracing a standard of celibacy. For the young adults taking the purity pledge, this seemed like a good idea — but for people my age? At the time... -Read More

How Can I Ever Trust Again?

I recently to spoke at The Uptown Lunch, a monthly event sponsored by my church during which the pastor asked a number of questions related to how I got where I am today. I shared that after three relationships that included physical abuse, rape and infidelity followed by abandonment, I didn’t like men. I... -Read More

Consequences of Porn on Our Culture

A recent study by The Barna Group titled, “The Porn Phenomenon: A Comprehensive New Survey on Americans and Pornography” was released recently and it revealed what is stated to be a “cavalier” attitude towards pornography and pornography use particularly among teens and young adults.  I would not disagree with these findings based on my... -Read More

Job Description: Leader’s Spouse

  Duties: Host(ess) to both private guests and public figures Highlighter for issues of the day Chief encourager Salary: None Benefits: Partner for the journey   It’s election season: time to choose the new leader of the free world. And with this new leader comes the new First Lady, or perhaps, First Gentleman. Who... -Read More

Walking With a Friend Facing Divorce

You and your husband sit broken hearted staring at an empty booth in a restaurant where you once shared sushi and laughter with friends who are now divorced. There is something very sad and disorienting about remembering two people in your life being together — who are now worlds apart. Because there is often... -Read More

All I Want for Christmas is Our Home Back

It’s 6:30 a.m. The alarm shocks you as you just fell back to sleep after being awakened at 3 a.m. again when Johnnie came home, talking on his stupid Smartphone and banging around in the kitchen. You thought you were done with 3 a.m. feedings. He’s sleeping on the sofa, game controller in hand,... -Read More

Wow Date Nights…Mission Possible?

Men, your mission—should you chose to accept it—is to create a WOW date night with your wife. Why? If you and your wife are like most: You are busy with your career(s). You are busy with your kid(s). You are busy watching or playing sports. Your marriage has become routine and lacks vision. You... -Read More