Different than what I Thought, Better than I Imagined

Sometimes we think we have life all figured out, until life’s journey takes a surprising turn from what we expected. During a Christian Women in Leadership Luncheon in February, Lynette Lewis, author of Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos and How to Hold Out, Hang On and Marry the Man of Your Dreams shared how... -Read More

Adventures in Singlehood

As we exit the Christmas season of parties and family gatherings and enter the Valentine’s Day season of love and romance, many of us have wondered where we fit in. Some of us feel an emptiness, a chasm in our hearts that we believe should be filled by a spouse. While some love the... -Read More

Discovering What Matters: A Journey in Generous Giving

There comes a point in most people’s lives when they starting asking questions: Is this all there is? What’s next? Is there something more? Speaking at a Christian Women in Leadership luncheon on January 13, Pam Pugh, co-founder of Women Doing Well, shared her discovery that, “I had been doing a lot, but I... -Read More

A Chasing After The Wind?

“The enemy is within the gates,” writes Chuck Colson in Against the Night. “I believe that we do face a crisis in Western culture, and that it presents the greatest threat to civilization since the barbarians invaded Rome,” he says, and a quick read of the news at large may show that he is... -Read More

Cultivating Hope in the Midst of Depression

As Christians we are told at Christmas that this should be the happiest time of the year — a time of joy with grateful family, colleagues and friends. Yet, for some of us this is sadly not the case. In my work with Christians in a private practice and then in my ministry I... -Read More

Holiday Blues

For some of us Christmas represents one of the most heart-wrenching times of year. As it approaches there is often impending feeling of dread. The lights and jolly songs that fill the streets only increase the ache that reverberates in our hearts. Whether it is the death of a loved one, the end of... -Read More

Mary – A Woman Wrapped in Mystery

Like a woman covered in veils, Mary is a woman wrapped in mystery. We are left to guess about her looks, her life with Joseph and how she mothered Jesus. She was an ordinary person. And in many ways, just like us. She believed the angel Gabriel. And yet, how much did she know... -Read More


For the past 20 years I have intentionally plunged myself into studying spiritually and psychologically two areas that I desperately needed healing from: the wounds from sexual abuse and the wounds after the trauma of abortion. It has taken incredible wisdom from godly saints. By the grace and love of God, I am astonished... -Read More

Graham on Leadership: Be a follower of Jesus Christ and Let God Lead

Gigi Graham, the eldest daughter of Evangelist Billy Graham, shared her impressions of what a true leader looks like during this season’s first Christian Women in Leadership Luncheon hosted by the National Christian Foundation at First Baptist Fort Lauderdale in September. Witnessing her father’s life as a counselor to presidents and heads of state,... -Read More

Approval Seeking

I remember my mother talking about a group that was gaining popularity in her time called the Red Hat Society. Basically, she described how these older women would gather in red hats and purple dresses to proclaim, not only support of each other, but freedom from the cultural confinements and expectations of their youth.... -Read More