Will Longer Skirts Protect Our Daughters?

Not too long ago the headlines read “Victoria’s Secret to Target Tweens.” There has been a wave of response to this story. The majority of folks have voiced protest over the controversial direction Victoria’s Secret is taking by targeting a younger demographic. We have seen this tactic used in countless campaigns including tobacco and... -Read More

The Gospel > Complementarianism

If you are like me, you are probably wondering what in the world the word complementarianism means! If you looked for it in your Bible you would not find it. In fact, it is not in my dictionary or spell check. Many words we use today do not appear in the Bible and yet... -Read More

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Husbands love your wives… the end. If only it were that simple right? So what makes you feel loved? Dr. Gary Chapman thought this was such a vital question that he wrote an entire book about it entitled The 5 Love Languages. The book centers around figuring out what makes you and your spouse... -Read More

Good News for Hurting Moms

“It is with great pleasure and joy, that it is hereby declared, that you are the best mom in the whole entire history of the world. Happy Mother’s Day!” This is an extreme example of a Mother’s Day card gone terribly wrong. However, it is one of thousands of cards speaking to moms everywhere... -Read More

The Gospel Unchains Hearts

If we understand that the gospel frees us to love and to be spontaneous with our love, it begs the question; “What does the gospel in action look like?” What does a life set free by grace free us to do? In considering the implications of the gospel, we love the question; “What will you do... -Read More

Teaching Character

When it comes to parenting, an extreme focus on character education and training in our culture has seeped into the church and into Christianity at large. Mesmerized by good behavior, we have equated positive character traits with godliness. We are in shock by the degradation and immorality we see around us, and we believe... -Read More

Jesus is Better than Hope in a Jar

What is hope? Where do you go to find hope? Can hope be found? Is it real or is hope just a feeling you get when things go well? I had a jar sitting on my bathroom counter and the label said it all. “Hope in a Jar.” It sounded so reassuring. Part of... -Read More

Happy New Year?

The ball has dropped, the tinsel is fading, and the fireworks and celebrations are spent. Advent is over, the new year is here and things have not changed. I look around and see no radical move of God, no deep and lasting transformation. Like last year, my resolutions look more like my Christmas wish... -Read More


Something about the title of this article probably interests you. The word “outcast” may have caught your attention, but probably not in a positive way. It’s the kind of interest you have when you drive by the scene of a horrific car accident. You pretend you do not want to view the details, but... -Read More

Less Spiritual, More Free

I’ll be honest, I’m wrestling these days. These words have echoed in my heart this week; less spiritual, more free. I doubt that I will ever be the same. Although God grabbed hold of me eleven years ago, I feel like I have been reborn again. It’s a bit scary. It’s like losing a... -Read More