Real Men Don’t Buy Girls

The voice of a young girl screams relentlessly as she is being sold into the sex trade industry, “Help…help…please help,” but no one is there to hear her cry. No one is there to speak up on her behalf and be a voice against her injustice. Betrayed by her own mother, she was given... -Read More

Grace Giver

Michael Rivers While passing through an intersection one evening, a small car hit my SUV on the driver side.  For a brief moment that seemed like an eternity at the time, my life flashed before my eyes. The impact of the collision flipped my SUV over and then back upright about 20 feet down... -Read More

I’m Not Super Woman

Heather B. Iseminger As a little girl I remember watching the TV screen with child-like awe. Wonder Woman was my hero. She was powerful, she wore golden, bullet-deflecting bracelets, she never failed to defeat the enemy, and could change clothes in an instant. What little girl wouldn’t want to be her? I mean, who... -Read More

Arise, Beauty, Arise!

Who me?  I’m not beautiful.  I’m only someone likely to make a bad choice, believe a lie, or place my affections on wrong things.  How can God call me beautiful?  How can I arise from my knees in those places of deep regret?  Isn’t this the way we often feel when we read the... -Read More

(No) Baby on Board

It’s a hot button issue; more than ever before women have control over their reproductive lives. We have everything from birth control pills to fertility treatments at our fingertips. We can choose to have a baby now or freeze our eggs and save them until, well, just about whenever we feel like it. In... -Read More

Christmas ideas from the heart

We have all received one at some time or another – a well intentioned but unusable Christmas gift, that sits around collecting dust because we don’t have the heart to part with it. This year, surprise that special someone with a gift that not only is from the heart, but also helps keep additional... -Read More

How much is a woman’s life worth? In Michigan, only $10,000

Abortionist Alberto Hodari has been fined $10,000 by the State of Michigan for the 2003 abortion-related death of Regina Johnson. The consent order, which recently became public, was issued on March 4, 2009, more than five years after Johnson’s death. “Now we know what a woman’s life is worth in the State of Michigan... -Read More

A positive result for a ‘problem pregnancy’

This December, little Kingston will celebrate her first Christmas. A year ago, however, Kingston’s mother Elizabeth was having a less-than-ideal holiday. She first suspected she was pregnant on New Year’s Eve, an unplanned surprise that left her in a quandary. Elizabeth wanted to carry her baby to term, but she was concerned: How would... -Read More

Time for Change

What if you knew a way to limit the probability that your teenager would become pregnant? Wouldn’t you make whatever changes were necessary to help your child avoid an unplanned pregnancy? Wouldn’t almost any change be worth it? Change” is the word that took the election by storm. We have been hearing a lot... -Read More

The makeover mentality

Remember that feeling you get after you’ve just had your hair done? You know the one. You waited way too long to cut your hair, and now you’ve found someone who seems to be able to bring out the best in you, all by a few snips of the scissors. You walk out of... -Read More