Ray Comfort, Pillar bring Good News and good music to Ft. Lauderdale Beach

Open-air evangelist Ray Comfort, creator of “Way of the Master,” and three-time Dove Award winners Pillar will share the Gospel and entertain college students on Spring Break, tourists and locals during Beachblast 2009, a free concert Saturday, March 28, at Ft. Lauderdale’s South Beach Park next to the Sheraton Yankee Clipper hotel on State... -Read More

Teaching ‘Einstein learners’

At traditional schools, acting in a play or taking Taekwondo would be highly unlikely for special education students like Theresa Portwood.   But at the Christi Academy in Tamarac, Theresa was given all of these opportunities and more. “Kids are able to get the attention they need here,” says Theresa, 20, a recent graduate... -Read More

Cross the Bridge expect 1,000’s

College students and young adults visiting Miami for Spring Break 2009 are invited to a free event at the Jackie Gleason Theater March 20, 21 and 22.   Cross the Bridge Miami is an evangelistic outreach featuring keynote speaker Pastor David McGee and musicians Sanctus Real, Two or More, Stellar Kart, The Katinas, Shacah... -Read More

Barbara McWilliams wins Florida Christian Teacher of the Year

“When you get awarded for something you love so much, it’s doubly amazing,” claims teacher Barbara McWilliams of Naples Christian Academy, who was recently named the Florida Teacher of the Year by the Association of Christian Schools. When Principal Scott Jones asked her to represent the school, she thought, “What chance do I have?... -Read More

Darwin ‘turns’ 200

By Bob Allen ABP Two hundred years after his birth in 1809, British naturalist Charles Darwin remains controversial. His theory of evolution became the linchpin of modern science, but a majority of Americans believe God created humans in their present form. And church-state battles continue to rage over whether teaching about evolution ought to... -Read More

Darwin revealed in upcoming film called ‘Creation’

The Good News The human side of Charles Darwin will be portrayed in an upcoming movie called “Creation,” based on Randall Keynes’ book, “Annie’s Box.” (Keynes is Darwin’s great-great grandson.) The film will portray Darwin as man who is struggling to balance his agnosticism, his love for his deeply religious wife and making sense... -Read More

Dairy cows improve lives

KOLKATA, India– A dozen widows and abandoned women in India’s West Bengal state are now better able to care for their families, thanks to a new development project funded by a $22,000 donation from the World Hunger Fund. The project focused on women in two villages who were living in desperate poverty, some with... -Read More

Heidi O’Sheehan: Respect in Current Events

In 2008, Heidi O’Sheehan made her first run for public office in a crowded field of five candidates for Hollywood’s District 3. To the casual voter, this wife and mother of three may have seemed like a typical soccer mom who decided to try her luck at Current Events. But they would’ve underestimated her.... -Read More

My first love

I still remember the first time I laid my eyes on her. I was 5 years old, and I knew we were meant to be together forever. When I touched her face, I felt empowered. Even though she didn’t feel the same way about me, it didn’t matter. I knew I had to have... -Read More