Rise Above the Rubble

Life is marked by painful providences. We face trials and tribulations throughout our lives, from the moment we are born until the moment we die. As my momma was fond of saying, “Jesus never promised you a rose garden on this side of the grave.” No, in fact He promised just the opposite:“I have... -Read More

Love Needs No Legislation!

Back in August I had the privilege of marrying Mark and Kaitlin, the young couple who head up our Young Adults ministry at Cross Community Church. Starting with pre-engagement coaching, we spent a considerable amount of time over the past year talking together about the stuff of marriage. I remember discussing the all-too-common prenuptials... -Read More

Happy New You!

Before we launch out on yet another New Year, it is important to take some time to reflect on the past year. Have you taken the time to consider all of the many blessings God has given to you, both temporal and spiritual, over the past 365 days? To be sure, each year has... -Read More

Christmas Has its Promises to Keep

We are entering our second Christmas season as a church plant family and I have to tell you, there is nothing like it in the world. As much as we looked forward to Christmas before planting The Cross in Deerfield Beach, it is nothing like looking forward to it now as a growing church... -Read More

Appreciation through Desperation

As we enter into the Thanksgiving season, have you taken any time to examine your heart to see just how much you appreciate what God in Christ has done for you? We can be so busy working to get through the day that we can overlook and neglect to acknowledge what God has done,... -Read More

Storms and Your Savior

The experience of life tells us if we are not currently dealing with storms, we will be in the near future. Storms are simply part of living. Some are like summer showers that disrupt a day at the beach. Others, however, are like tsunamis that devastate our lives. Regardless of the storm, we can... -Read More

A Promise of Life That Delivered Death

Oh, how the cunning serpent slithered his way into the hearts of Adam and Eve! He made a promise of life, to “be like God,” but he could not deliver on his promise (See Genesis 3:2-8). The life the devil promised lead only to death . . . it always has and it always... -Read More

Forecasting Faith

We all understand the concept of weather forecasting, which is a prediction meteorologists make about what the weather will be on the basis of correlated atmospheric observations. They study and analyze all available pertinent data and make an educated guess about what is most likely to occur. This month, I would like to share... -Read More

Graven Images

“You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God” (Exodus 20:4-5a). When we read the second commandment... -Read More

Curb Clappers

We are in a sermon series on Romans at The Cross and I wanted to share with you a single verse we took a look at that I think will be a source of great encouragement to you this month. It certainly was for me. The verse is Romans 1:12 which says, “When we... -Read More