Church Community Responds to Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

  I’ve always thought of God’s people as hardwired “first responders.” Where there is chaos, God’s people bring peace. Where this is pain, God’s people bring healing. Where this is brokenness, God’s people bring restoration. Where this is hopelessness and despair, Gods people bring hope. It is every Pastors dream to see their people... -Read More

Love SFL Impacted the Community in a Big Way

Church United, a collaborative movement with over 50 churches from various denominations committed to mobilizing the Church to serve South Florida, spent the entire month of November successfully executing an initiative called “Love South Florida.” Congregants of participating churches were challenged to “Love, Give + Serve” in support of this never before seen outreach... -Read More

Churches Work Together to Serve

If you’ve attended Church in Broward County in the last month, you’ve likely heard about Love South Florida — a month-long outreach dedicated to seeing churches unite for the sake of mission in our region. Whether it was filling local food pantries, serving single mothers, partnering with local schools, raising money, prison ministry or... -Read More

ChurchUnited Fosters Uncommon Partnership

These days it seems as if churches are known more about what they are against, rather than what they are for. However, God seems to be up to something in our tri-county area. There is a movement called ChurchUnited afoot here in South Florida — a movement of churches coming together to live out... -Read More

Q Commons to Discuss Ways to Engage a Divided Nation

We live in a nation that’s divided. We live in a region that’s divided. Our cities, our workplaces, even some of our own families are divided. In this moment, we are divided by culture, race, politics and just about every other difference you can image – or so it seems. We see protests and... -Read More

Where is the Church in the Refugee Crisis?

More than a million refugees crossed into Europe last year, according to reports by the BBC. Millions more are crossing into Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and neighboring countries. This ongoing migration has been described as the “worst humanitarian crisis of our generation,” impacting nearly 60 million people globally. In war-torn Syria alone, more than 13... -Read More

New Churches Embrace Downtown Fort Lauderdale

Our world is changing. The way people live, work, play, and worship is changing. For the first time in history, the world as we know it is 50 percent urban. An estimated 5 million new people a month move to a city. Some have projected that by 2050, 75 percent of the world’s population... -Read More

Q Commons Explores Cultural Topics and Advances Good in South Florida

Take a look around South Florida…what do you see?Some see beauty – roadways lined with palm trees, breathtaking sunsets, endless beach, perfect weather, leading philanthropy, attractive people, yachts, cruise ships, expensive cars, a thriving economy and carefree smiles of people from across the world saying, “hello Sunny!” Others see brokenness. Income inequality – impoverished... -Read More