Encountering the Homeless

People frequently ask me, “How should I respond to the homeless I encounter?” If you live in or around South Florida, interacting with a homeless person is almost unavoidable. Gas stations, grocery stores, street corners and medians — just to name a few — are all common places many of us encounter persons experiencing... -Read More

A People of Peace

In a recent exit survey, Asia, a 5-month pregnant mother with one child, had this to say about her time in HOPE South Florida’s crisis-housing program as she graduated into more permanent housing: “I would like to say a special thank you to the staff, volunteers and supporters of HOPE South Florida! After finding... -Read More

HOPE for the Holidays

It is easy to understand things in terms of their opposites. For instance, we know light because we know darkness. We know cold because we know hot. We know peace because we know unrest, and we know unrest because we know peace. Similarly, we know hopelessness because we know we know what hope feels... -Read More

The Untold Spiritual Story of Homelessness

Christians are called to be a changed and transformed people, bringing change and transformation to their lives, their neighbors and their communities. However, there exists within this beautiful, yet broken body we call the Church a subtle chasm that hinders its mission and wounds its people – guilt and shame. From its inception, the... -Read More

Hope Begins with You

Do you ever find yourself wanting to help the homeless, but wrestling with the best way to do so? You ask yourself if the handful of change or crumpled bills you extend from your car window will be helpful or harmful. You fight feelings of fear and uncertainty when contemplating a conversation with the... -Read More

Shonta’s Story of HOPE

South Florida is one of the most beautiful, yet broken places in our nation. In one sense, we live in paradise as we daily enjoy what others pay to experience. In another sense, South Florida takes everything that is broken about our world and puts it on a giant billboard for all to see.... -Read More

Why Serve Others?

Historically, helping and healing is part of the mission of the Christian church; you might even say it is in our DNA. As such, it is important to patiently work out the ways in which our faith compels us to serve “the least of these” in our community. The gospel changes everything and in... -Read More