A Freshman’s Fresh Start

Your first year of college is an exciting season of life, teeming with changes and new beginnings. Your first semester of college life will be a pivotal transition period leading into the rest of your college career and even beyond. You will be met with not only new challenges and sometimes overwhelming demands, but... -Read More

Real Men…

“Be a man!” yells the coach to his starting middle linebacker. “Make the play!” Most men have heard it at one time or another, “Be a man!” But what does that even mean? Male-bashing has become a popular past time. Television sitcoms portray men as buffoons and “comic relief.” Our secular world is in... -Read More

Love is the Greatest – Part 2

There is old Sammy again, digging through the dumpster outside a local market in hopes of finding who-knows-what. Perhaps he scrounges for some small morsel of food for the day. Another’s trash becomes his treasure. As customers walk in and out of the establishment, they pretend not to notice the ragged and haggard homeless... -Read More

When God Doesn’t Answer Prayer

There once were two men who prayed to God. The first man prayed for wealth and happiness. He wanted to experience the Lord’s blessings. Over the years he worked diligently to obtain a comfortable life. But no matter how many riches he obtained, he was never content, and he never felt true joy. The... -Read More

Beauty From Ashes

You get laid off from work. Your spouse is filing for divorce. You lose connection with your children. You find out you have cancer. Whether it be natural disasters, spiritual warfare or the cruelty of mankind – life is full of tragedy. Devastation can happen in a moment. There was a great tragedy in... -Read More