Naughty Or Nice?

Do you remember hearing “Santa Claus is coming and he only brings toys to nice boys and girls. If you are naughty all you will get is a lump of coal.” Naughty or nice, does God work like Santa Claus? God or Santa As Christmas approaches how about you, have you been naughty or... -Read More

Happy Holidays – Bah Humbug

What’s in your holiday celebrations? For many it’s their favorite time of the year. For others it means nothing but stress, anger or sadness. This process of inner dread may have already started as they have seen the decorations go up in stores and malls. Why are there such extreme views about this time... -Read More

Building a Life You’ll Enjoy

Why do a large number of divorces occur after 25-30 years of marriage? Why are so many people bored and depressed with their life? Why do people turn to thrill seeking activities like substance abuse, affairs, dangerous hobbies or spending money they don’t have? One common denominator among all these people is they are... -Read More

Noise Addiction: Unplug

Anxiety, stress, depression and anger are major problems today. They are at the root of many physical illnesses and relational conflicts. One major cause of these mood disorders in our culture is “noise addiction.” We are a plugged-in generation that requires constant background noise in our daily life. For many it is too hard... -Read More

Give Up To Go Up

What do you want out of life? The standard answer is something like, “I want to be happy, or I want to be successful.” With these answers people can be focused on different areas of life — relationships, career, finances, spirituality or significance to name a few. Since no one consciously starts life with... -Read More

The Pause That Refreshes

Summertime is a time to get out of the grind, relax, re-energize and reconnect with family and friends. Vacation can be a time to indulge in the sweet spot of your life’s passions. Does this sound like your vacation? Or do you come back from vacation exhausted and depressed that you have to wait... -Read More

Spring Clean Your Soul

Anyone who has lived in the North has experienced the long cold grey of winter. Your home becomes the warm cocoon sheltering you from the harshness of the outside elements that seem to last forever. Then one day it happens — spring. The warmth of the sunshine parts the grey skies, birds sing, and... -Read More

Can You Hear Me Now?

When it comes to couples communication, a common complaint is, “We fight over the stupidest things.” Why do small issues generate such big emotions? It is usually because that small issue is symbolic of a core emotional issue in each mate. Communication skills are essential to solving the issues that come up in every... -Read More