Governor Scott Signs Religious Liberties Act to Impact Schools

The last day of the regular Florida State House session, representatives overwhelmingly approved SB 436, the Florida Student and School Personnel Religious Liberties Act. The vote was 103 to 12, though the Christian Family Coalition (CFC) was alone in its effort to pass the law. CFC not only endorsed the bill, but also submitted... -Read More

Should Shoppers Boycott Companies That Don’t Uphold Their Values?

Many Christians have been looking more closely at the places they shop, concerned about the values the corporations’ owners endorse. Other Christians either choose to focus on issues more important to them or on the individual workers who could be harmed by a boycott. Complicating the matter for many is the difference between the... -Read More

God’s Attributes Expressed Through Jesus

Many Christians are familiar with the song “Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel” whether it is Enya’s version, or another. Handel’s “Messiah,” another piece that is often heard at Christmas time, also reflects on several of the titles of God that are appropriated by the Messiah, Jesus. Even from the promise of Jesus’ birth, there... -Read More

Honoring Veterans on a Day of Armistice

  The eleventh day of the eleventh month is currently known as Veterans’ Day in America and has been celebrated as a day to honor veterans since 1954. Parades and ceremonies often honor veterans and sometimes other community events are held as well. In South Florida, West Palm Beach is hosting a community celebration... -Read More

Take a Break for Fall Colors

One of the things people who have moved from a northern area to South Florida may miss is the obvious change in seasons, as evidenced by brightly colored fall foliage. Whether a vacation is specifically timed for a fall view or takes advantage of the public school’s fall break schedule, fall foliage is not... -Read More

Specialty Bibles Offer Trendy News Ways to Engage the Scriptures

With the popularity of trendy coloring books for adults, graphic novel interpretations of classic works and video game sites being rolled out as books and movies, there are several Bibles focusing on these interests. Illustrators are using people’s varied interests, including Lego building and Minecraft video games, to express faith. With the variety of... -Read More

Vacation Bible School: Spiritual Summer Enrichment

Many adults have fond memories of Vacation Bible School. The setting was different from a Sunday school setting: the crafts and other sessions, like music, were each done in different classrooms. The projects were fun to make and often quite complicated. The crafts, music and lessons all carried the theme of the Vacation Bible... -Read More

Alternatives to the Two-Party Gridlock

  Recently, the Libertarian Party held its first nationally televised debate. Hosted by Fox Business commentator John Stossel, the two-part event was broadcast on most cable systems and the internet. A CNN poll in late March revealed that 39 percent of voters would consider a third party candidate if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton... -Read More

Remembering the Holocaust

  The Holocaust stunned the world with its magnitude, scope and inhumanity and is remembered every year by Jews in a service called Yom Ha Shoah. There is a special liturgy for the event, as well as candle lighting for the people who lived through and died in it.  Though Christians as a whole do... -Read More

Prepare for the Election: Primary, Caucus, Open and Closed

There has been much in the news lately about the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary. These two states kick off the race for delegates to the Republican and Democratic conventions, but they have quite different means of selecting their delegates to the national conventions. Why the difference? Different states choose the means... -Read More