H. Wayne Huizenga, Jr. Discovers True Wealth

“Pop has accomplished incredible things,” said H. Wayne Huizenga, Jr., the son of local businessman Harry Wayne Huizenga, who grew Waste Management, Inc., Blockbuster Video and AutoNation into successful companies and previously owned the Miami Dolphins, Florida Panthers and Florida Marlins teams. “But when they started, they were so poor that Pop sold his... -Read More

Knox Theological Seminary Celebrates 25 Years

Founded in 1989 by Dr. D. James Kennedy under the guidance of the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Knox Theological Seminary recently celebrated its 25th anniversary while officially inducting Dr. Samuel Lamerson as president of the school. Established with the vision of rekindling a reformation and taking the transforming truth of Jesus Christ to the... -Read More

Giving Flows from Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a fitting time to look back and consider our national heritage in the Pilgrims and how this devout group of Christians overcame a harsh first winter, where almost half died of starvation and sickness, only to respond the next season by generously giving thanks and sharing their harvest with their neighbors: the... -Read More

Fort Lauderdale Ordinance Restricts Feeding the Homeless Outdoors

In a move that some say is limiting the expression of compassion, the Fort Lauderdale City Commission passed an ordinance in October that places restrictions on feeding programs for the homeless outside of a building. This follows the addition of a law in April that gives police the authority to confiscate possessions stored in... -Read More

Leadership is Knowing What You Believe

The 27th Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Vern Clark was conducting a meeting at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 when five hijackers crashed American Airlines Flight 77 into the building killing 184 men, women and children. In the moments after the crash, Admiral Clark demonstrated how to lead. “In a crisis, we need... -Read More

Young Professionals Develop Servant Leaders

Young Professionals (YP) began over dinner in August 2012 when eight friends stepped out on faith to begin a movement in South Florida. They set out to create a community of young professionals, focused on servant-leadership, who serve their employers, colleagues and community with a TEAM mentality, humility, excellence, mentorship and vision. Headed by... -Read More

HOPE Weekends Save Broken Marriages

Couples who are struggling in a broken marriage can gain the tools they need for restoration during an upcoming Hope Weekend October 10 – 12 at First Baptist Church Fort Lauderdale, 301 E Broward Blvd, Fort Lauderdale. Presented by Live the Life, these restorative weekends provide struggling couples with the skills they need to... -Read More

Church Behind Bars Brings Inmates New Life

More than 65 female inmates were baptized on the grounds of the Women’s Homestead Corrections Institute during a special service in August at Church by the Glades’ Prison Campus in Florida City. Initiated in January, the Prison Campus is bringing change to a community of women who attend services weekly at the Homestead facility,... -Read More

Graham on Leadership: Be a follower of Jesus Christ and Let God Lead

Gigi Graham, the eldest daughter of Evangelist Billy Graham, shared her impressions of what a true leader looks like during this season’s first Christian Women in Leadership Luncheon hosted by the National Christian Foundation at First Baptist Fort Lauderdale in September. Witnessing her father’s life as a counselor to presidents and heads of state,... -Read More

A Taste of Germany: Checkers Old Munchen

Floridians can experience a taste of the old country without pulling out their passports when they visit a quaint family restaurant tucked away in Pompano Beach. Checkers Old Munchen, located just east of Federal Highway on Atlantic Blvd., serves up authentic German fare in a fun, friendly atmosphere. The Zagat-rated restaurant was established in... -Read More