Vacation Destinations with a Spiritual Focus

Vacation days can be a great opportunity for Christian families to learn about and reconnect with God and the Bible in various ways. Too often we may think that the only Christian vacation destinations are found in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, but that’s not the case. Here in Florida and throughout the... -Read More

“Champion” Focuses on Forgiveness

You may have found yourself at a movie theater to support a Christian film in the past, surrounded by members of your church, where the movie was corny, cheesy or unrealistic, the gospel was forced into scenes unnaturally, and you were glad you didn’t invite an unsaved friend. “Champion” is not that movie. It... -Read More

Women of Faith Who Impacted History

March is Women’s History Month. When we think of important Christian women, we often think of the Virgin Mary. But did you know that one of the very first missionaries in the New Testament was actually a woman? She never gets a proper name, but we know her as the woman at the well... -Read More

Operation Underground Railroad Rescues Children

Human trafficking is a horrible evil present in our world today. Worse than simple trafficking, however, is child sex trafficking; a booming criminal industry that specializes in providing depraved individuals with children to satiate their perverted desires. These children are often sold multiple times per day to such individuals to be used, humiliated and... -Read More

Slavery at Your Doorstep

The word “slavery” usually conjures up images of a time long past where people were forced to labor for free simply because of the color of their skin. While we read about slavery in times past, it’s easy to wonder how such awful things happened and moralize about how we would never allow such... -Read More

Let the World Know Why the Bible Matters to You #WhyBible

The Barna Group has recently released data that is slightly positive, but also incredibly frightening and sad. The good news is a survey they conducted shows about two-thirds of all Americans believe that the Bible is the “actual, inspired word of God.” Now for the bad news: only 16 percent of millennials believe that... -Read More

Politics and Faith

With the Republican and Democratic Conventions coming up in late July, many people are starting to watch the news a little more closely and trying to better understand this political process. Others are wondering what their place is, if any, as Christians in the political sphere. Still others are just staying out of it,... -Read More

Mothers: You Are Free

Being a mom means doing your utmost all the time to make sure that the house is sparkling, the kids are beautiful and well-dressed, there’s a hot meal on the table every night, you have an important career, and, to top it all off, you go to the gym a few times a week... -Read More

“Woodlawn” Challenges Boundaries of Race and Faith

“Woodlawn” is a compelling, beat-the-odds, inspirational, motivational, story of struggle and the triumph of love over hatred. Clichés aside, all of that is true. Based on a true story, the movie opens in theaters on October 16. Set in the early seventies, “Woodlawn” illustrates the fight of a young African-American who plays football for... -Read More