“All Saints” Plants More Than a Few Seeds

What would you do to save your congregation? If your Pastor told you on Sunday the church where you were baptized was closing its doors due to economic challenges, how would you respond? Recently, my wife and I were given the opportunity to view a screening for the upcoming film “All Saints,” which is... -Read More

Christian Family Coalition Expands to Broward and Palm Beach counties

Miami-based Christian Family Coalition (CFC) recently opened its doors to Broward and Palm Beach counties. Now, Christians who reside in these respective counties have an advocate and can stay informed of political issues that impact their way of living. CFC is known as a pro-life organization working to give Christians a voice in the... -Read More

United For Religious Freedom

On January 16, people nationwide will commemorate two important things: National Religious Freedom Day and Dr. Martin Luther King Day. In essence, these two are connected. Dr. King fought for racial equality and opportunity for all Americans to have equal rights, and National Religious Freedom Day is designed to acknowledge the free exercise of... -Read More

Showing Appreciation for Pastors

  During the month of October, there is much to celebrate such as Columbus Day, Breast Cancer Awareness, Jewish holidays like Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. One event particularly worthy of recognizing is Pastor Appreciation Month. God has given us pastors to teach us how to live a godly lives and to help us... -Read More

Spend Time with Your Money; Create a Budget

Learning to be good stewards over what God has given us can be a challenge. In the wink of an eye, 2016 will be gone. How can we go out with a bang concerning our money? Holidays such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas all take place in the next few months, and most... -Read More

G’s To Gents Initiative Helps Youth Envision Limitless Possibilities

It’s summer, a time when youth enjoy nice weather and outdoor activities. It’s also a time when we hear about tragic events or conflicts in communities involving teenagers. Change Makers Academy (CMA) seeks to guide today’s minority males into a better future. A community-driven youth empowerment platform, CMA uses social issues as its catalyst... -Read More