Hope Haven

Since 1994, Hope Haven International has been manufacturing and distributing wheelchairs to children and adults worldwide. For many of these people, owning a wheelchair in their country is a luxury. To date, 121,682 wheelchairs have been distributed to people in 108 countries. Beginning in the small town of Rock Valley and expanding to Sioux Falls, SD,... -Read More

4Kids of South Florida

It usually surprises people when they hear it for the first time. We have an orphan problem in America. In our country, the most affluent in the world, we have half a million orphans—children living on the streets, in group homes, and in foster care. South Florida is no exception: every day, seven kids in... -Read More

Adoption by Shepherd Care

Adoption by Shepherd Care was founded in 1980 as a 501(c) (3) nonprofit agency. Our mission is to provide competent and compassionate adoption services to birth parents, prospective adoptive parents, and children needing a forever family. Adoption by Shepherd Care’s main program areas include: comprehensive services to expectant parents making an adoption plan Domestic... -Read More

BiG Children’s Foundation

At BiG Children’s Foundation, we support organizations that impact the lives of at-risk children and youth. Whether the children are big or small, short or tall. No matter the age, color, gender, race, or faith…if the children are in need and are at-risk, the charity is a candidate for our support. -Read More