New Book Gives Hope & Mercy

Released in January, 40 Days for Life: Discover What God Has Done… Imagine What He Can Do is a book that is bringing hope and fresh enthusiasm to the pro-life effort. It documents peaceful vigils, prayer and fasting, and community outreach campaigns at the local level, which has been changing the face of the... -Read More

Must-Read Books

Apart from reading the Bible, there is arguably no better way to grow in your knowledge of God and his Word than by digging into a godly book. Here are a few recommendations from the Good News staff that are well worth the $10 Amazon purchase. Prodigal God by Timothy Keller Anyone who has... -Read More

What Daddies Do Best

Laura Numeroff’s What Daddies Do Best is a beloved, whimsical board book with delightful illustrations. A favorite for bedtime reading, young boys and girls cuddle up with this best-selling book and celebrate all the things dad is good at; like playing in the park, reading books and giving piggyback rides. “Daddies can teach you... -Read More


Are you worried about your son? Does he hate reading and, for that matter, school? Is his iPod filled with music that makes you cringe? If he has not seen the inside of a jail cell yet, are you secretly afraid that he might someday soon? Has he been unable to find or hold... -Read More

Hospital Healings and the Role of Faith

After being miraculously healed from endometrial cancer 32 years ago, Abby Abildness, author of the new book Healing Prayer and Medical Care: God’s Healthcare Plan, has been spreading a message of healing and fusing God’s healing power with patients and healthcare workers in hospital settings. Abildness, who is the Founder of Healing Tree International... -Read More

2011 Summer Reading List

A bad book is a time thief, and with four kids to chase (a form of exercise, I assure you) choosing material wisely is a must. Sifting through book reviews and excerpts allows me to locate my preferred writing style – one I know will hold my attention until the last page. A good... -Read More

My response is my responsibility

My response is my responsibility Last month my wife and I finished “Love and Respect,” a married couples study, for the second time. Not that we didn’t get it the first time but it was so good that we wanted a refresher course. I think everyone has a need for refresher courses. Our daily... -Read More

Taking Notice

In these uncertain times, there’s no better time to talk about hope, and Andy Andrews’ latest book, “The Noticer” is based on just that. Although Andrews has seen great success as a bestselling author and sought after speaker, he knows better than most what it’s like to hit rock bottom. Andrews lost both of... -Read More

How was the Bible made?

My first Bible was a red King James Version New Testament given to me by the Gideons when I was in the fifth grade. I took it home and read its first words: “The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. Abraham begat Isaac; and Isaac... -Read More