Pick PDQ for a Fresh Family Feast

Eating right can be a challenge during the holiday season as schedules are squeezed and meal planning falters. PDQ is an excellent option for families on the go. PDQ stands for People Dedicated to Quality and they are true to their name. Serving up fresh tenders, hand-tossed salads and made-to-order sandwiches, it’s not the... -Read More

Five Excellent Local Restaurants

McDonalds. Chipotle. Subway. Cheesecake Factory. Without a doubt, chain restaurants abound in our casual sun-drenched tri-county locale. However, there comes a time (that time is now, in case you’re wondering) to step away from the Happy Meal and enjoy really good cuisine served in a place without plastic chairs. Grab your Google maps, ladies... -Read More

5 Easy Gluten-Free Recipes

Giving up gluten doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor or quality. Gluten-free diets can lower bad cholesterol, increase energy levels, and improve your body’s digestive processes. Here are a couple of recipes that don’t diminish taste and are easy to throw together. If you don’t have access to a gluten-free flour blend such as Bob’s Red... -Read More

Brown Bag It!: Healthy DIY Lunch Ideas

Time is of the essence when you are busy taking care of a million and one things. We often let our health fall to the wayside as we scramble to get things done by eating junk food or skipping meals altogether. Here are some healthy and quick ideas to avoid the stomach grumblings. Serve... -Read More

Gluten Free and Delicious!

By: Kyra Bussanich More than ever, people understand that our bodies just weren’t designed to handle the amount of processed flour found in many of today’s food. Some people with vague, undiagnosed illnesses feel better after cutting out gluten, a protein in flour-based foods. Many Americans, including professional athletes and celebrities such as Zooey... -Read More

The Truth Behind GMOs

Most are not bothered by the concept of a nutritionally deprived world because it does not generally hit home. It is not something often discussed openly over dinner, and the majority of our country’s inhabitants are completely oblivious to the truth. The reason for this is not lack of concern; it is merely a... -Read More

Manly Meals for Manly Men

It’s that time of year again to celebrate the patriarch’s role in our lives and what better way than to cook for him? Here are some recipes for macho meals he will be sure to love. Uh-mazing Barbequed Ribs Yield: 4-5 Servings 8 lbs. Baby Back Ribs 2 Tbsp. Kosher Salt 1 Tbsp. Mustard... -Read More

Mother’s Day Treats

Celebrating the roles your personal chef, assistant, attorney, therapist, doctor, accountant, seamstress, taxi driver, and tutor play in your life by offering gifts and attention in one day? That’s wonderful! Of course, I’m referring to Mother’s Day. Although it is just one day out of three hundred and sixty five, it is important to... -Read More

Luck o’ the Irish

Saint Patrick’s Day is a joyful time of year to celebrate with friends and family. These recipes are favorites and can be enjoyed by anyone. Slainte! Lamb Stew Yield: 8-10 servings 1lb thick sliced Bacon, diced 6lb boneless Lamb shoulder, cut into 2” pieces ½ C AP Flour 3 Garlic cloves, minced 1 Onion, chopped... -Read More