Adoption groups counter ‘Orphan’ horror film

Adoption advocates are rallying to speak up for the world’s orphans in light of a recent Warner Brothers horror film that depicts a young adopted orphan girl as a murderer. The movie “Orphan” was released in theaters on July 24 and tells the story of a couple that adopts a young girl named Esther... -Read More

Short films recreate biblical parables for the ‘screen generation’

Compass Cinema’s Thomas Purifoy understands that stories have the power to change lives – especially the stories Jesus told. His production company recently released a completely new film-based Bible study called Modern Parables. “Almost everyone likes movies,” Purifoy says. “So we tried to create a universal Bible study that people will enjoy watching and... -Read More

First Christian epic film, ‘Pendragon’ released

Burns Family Studios has launched its first motion picture in DVD, an epic action feature set in ancient England, called “Pendragon: Sword of His Father.” The two-hour motion picture, distributed through retail stores, has been supported by Family Christian Stores, the nation’s largest Christian bookstore chain, and TBN, the world’s largest Christian television network.... -Read More

Teen homeschoolers create award-winning film, ‘The Widow’s Might’

On April 13, 19-year-old director John Moore’s independent film, “The Widow’s Might” opened in 94 U.S. cities as part of Carmike Cinemas and Dalton Pictures’ Independent Film Series. “The Widow’s Might” is a feature length musical comedy produced by 19-year-old John Moore and his best friend, David Heustis. The film recently won $101,000 at... -Read More

Florida movie about Life for troubled

A husband and wife come to realize that waves of change can begin with a single ripple in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie “Safe Harbor,” premiering Saturday, May 30. Based on a true story, “Safe Harbor” stars three-time Golden Globe Award nominee Treat Williams (“Everwood”) and Nancy Travis (“The Bill Engvall Show”) as a... -Read More

Al Gore’s firm supports alternative stem cell research

Former Vice-President Al Gore recently announced his involvement in a venture reportedly worth $20 million that will boost research in a major alternative to embryonic stem cells strongly supported by pro-lifers. The research will focus on induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS), which are made by reprogramming everyday skin cells to act like embryonic stem... -Read More

Faith-based film ‘C Me Dance’ appears in 200 cities in April

“C Me Dance,” the first film produced by Uplifting Culture – a new faith-based motion picture company – will premiere in 200 theaters across the country on April 3. The film is being endorsed by the Leukemia Foundation and the Dove Foundation for excellence in filmmaking. “C Me Dance” tells the story of a... -Read More

Uplifting films for troubling times

God once told Joshua, “I will not leave you or forsake you. … Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:5-9). We’ll get through these tough economic times. The following is a list of a few films featuring characters enduring and triumphing over... -Read More