Halloween: Balancing Truth and Cultural Relevance

  Halloween is viewed by some as a time of celebration and a day to get free candy, others see it as day to get free or unrestrained access to the spiritual realm. Halloween highlights the themes of death, darkness, fear and even hell, themes directly opposed to Christ’s teachings, for He highlights life,... -Read More

“I’m Not Ashamed” is a Heartfelt Story of Hope

  It was just another normal day at school for 17-year-old Rachel. On April 20, 1999, at approximately 11:19 a.m., it would be anything but just another day. Everything changed. Rachel was having lunch with her friend Richard outside when two students in trenchcoats began opening gun fire on those present at Columbine High... -Read More

Without Rival Hammers Home the Dangers of Comparison

  According to the advance press, Lisa Bevere’s latest book, Without Rival, is designed for “each of us to discover who and why we are a daughter without rival, loved by a God without rival, entrusted with a promise without rival, to complete an assignment without rival, that is destined for an eternity without... -Read More

“Priceless” is Worth the Cost!

The movie “Priceless,” presented by Roadside Attractions in association with the band for King & Country, stars band member Joel Smallbone (who actually gives a convincing American accent) and is directed by brother Ben Smallbone. “Priceless” is both the name and the theme of the movie… and I’m saying that it is worth the... -Read More

10th Annual Larry Calufetti Legacy Golf Classic Set for September 26

The Gold Coast Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) has announced that former NFL player and NCAA Auburn National Champion, Michael Blanc, will headline the 10th Annual FCA Celebrity Golf Classic, September 26, 2016, at Coral Ridge Country Club in Fort Lauderdale. “This year’s newly named FCA event will honor the former FCA Broward Board... -Read More

Voiceless: One Man, One Fight, the Ultimate Sacrifice

  Voiceless is an award-winning, pro-life film inspired by real-life events that was written and directed by Pat Necerato with the intention of tackling the tough topic of abortion and calling the church to action. Producer Stuart Migdon said, “Voiceless was made to engage the church. We believe our film artfully presents the issue... -Read More

Hoffman’s Chocolate Named Randall Vitale Regional Vice President

Hoffman’s Chocolates is pleased to announce that it has named Randall Vitale as the new Regional Vice President of the company. Vitale will be responsible for overseeing and managing all of Hoffman’s Chocolates retail stores, corporate sales, online sales and its new mobile truck, The Sweet Ride.  In addition to spearheading the chocolatier’s ongoing... -Read More

Take a Break for Fall Colors

One of the things people who have moved from a northern area to South Florida may miss is the obvious change in seasons, as evidenced by brightly colored fall foliage. Whether a vacation is specifically timed for a fall view or takes advantage of the public school’s fall break schedule, fall foliage is not... -Read More

Where is the Church in the Refugee Crisis?

More than a million refugees crossed into Europe last year, according to reports by the BBC. Millions more are crossing into Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and neighboring countries. This ongoing migration has been described as the “worst humanitarian crisis of our generation,” impacting nearly 60 million people globally. In war-torn Syria alone, more than 13... -Read More