Local millionaire responds to ‘The Tap’

The name Frank McKinney may ring a bell.   Perhaps you’ve seen him on TV showcasing one of the jaw-dropping oceanfront mansions he’s constructed, or maybe you’ve seen him around town in rocker clothing and long blonde tresses flowing in the wind and wondered, “Who is that?” Most onlookers will be surprised to know... -Read More

The story behind ‘The Shack’

You were never meant to read “The Shack.”  The allegory of a grieving father who meets God Himself – in the form of a bouncy, African American woman – in the shack where his daughter was murdered, was not meant for your eyes. William Paul Young, author of “The Shack,” says he wrote the... -Read More

Darwin revealed in upcoming film called ‘Creation’

The Good News The human side of Charles Darwin will be portrayed in an upcoming movie called “Creation,” based on Randall Keynes’ book, “Annie’s Box.” (Keynes is Darwin’s great-great grandson.) The film will portray Darwin as man who is struggling to balance his agnosticism, his love for his deeply religious wife and making sense... -Read More

The Velveteen Rabbit

Director Michael Landon, Jr. is coming out with another endearing movie, this time bringing the beloved classic tale of “The Velveteen Rabbit” to the big screen. “I loved the story as a child and revisited it with my own children,” said Landon, in a phone interview from his home in Texas. “I knew there... -Read More

Americans say religion is important

An analysis of more than 350,000 interviews conducted by Gallup in 2008 finds Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana and Arkansas to be the most religious states in the nation. Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts are the least religious states. The large data set of interviews conducted as part of the Gallup Poll... -Read More

Full House star grows up, gives God glory

If you have a tween son or daughter who likes old re-runs on TV, they would know her as Candace Cameron, the star who played DJ Tanner in the hit sitcom, “Full House.” But Candace is all grown up and is now known to her family and friends as Candace Bure, after her marriage... -Read More

Jars of Clay members combine music, messages and Life

Dan Haseltine knows that music occupies a unique place in communicating tough messages. As the lead singer for Jars of Clay, he has experience in telling difficult, yet true stories to move audiences. One of those stories involves his first visit to a South African village. His guide challenged him to spot someone who... -Read More

Running on faith and generosity

South Floridians have many options to get in shape as they share their faith at walk-a-thons, races and relays in 2009 Instead of cringing at the thought of joining a gym this January, why not just take a few steps for your faith instead? Upcoming walk-a-thon, race and relay fundraisers are a great opportunity... -Read More

Traditional memories

We are heading into a season of great opportunity. For some families, Thanksgiving and Christmas help define who they are. For others, these holidays are little more than eating and an expense.  We are heading into a season of great opportunity. For some families, Thanksgiving and Christmas help define who they are. For others,... -Read More