Active Faith

Appreciating Other Church Traditions

Visitors are naturally amazed at the variety of Florida’s palm trees. There are over twenty five hundred palm species in the world and many are grown right here. They share a family resemblance, but they also exhibit an astonishing diversity. Similarly, while looking for a Christian community in South Florida, one will find a... -Read More

Calvary Chapel Team Ministers in Jacmel, Haiti

More than five years after a massive earthquake struck Haiti, missionary teams from Calvary Chapel continue their outreach in the impoverished nation. The quake measuring 7.0 struck on January 12, 2010 and killed over 250,000 people, leveling most of the buildings in the Port-au-Prince area, the Capital city which was home to over 1... -Read More

My Sheep Listen to My Voice

Jesus referred to his disciples as sheep in John 10. Like sheep, we as are easily led astray if we do not recognize the voice of our shepherd. Jesus said in verse 14 that he is the good shepherd who knows his sheep and whose sheep know him. However, it can be confusing when... -Read More

The Compassionate Judge: Mercy Triumphs

“Sometimes the best way to help a man who has fallen into a hole is not to throw him a rope, but to climb in.” – Scott Pelley, CBS Evening News   I recently heard a heartwarming story on CBS Evening News about a retired army sergeant named Joe Serna, who served 3 tours... -Read More

Can Arts and Entertainment be Your Ministry?

Do you have a love for the arts and a passion for Jesus? Wish you could act, sing, or dance while sharing the gospel? Or maybe you love being a part of the entertainment biz, but prefer to be behind the scenes working the magic. If this calls to you in any way then... -Read More

Faith at Work

Are Christians justified by faith or by works? Is salvation received by faith alone or by good deeds, or both? The theological debate over the question of whether salvation is by faith or by works has caused Christian denominations to disagree for centuries. Differences of opinion are still common among Christians today. Some even... -Read More

Can The Olympics Strengthen Our Faith

Every four years thousands of athletes from over 200 nations gather in a pre-determined city to compete in the modern summer Olympic Games. Since 1896 with the first modern games held in Athens, the Olympics have caught the wonder and inspiration of billions around the globe. The quintessence of human speed, strength and skill... -Read More

Are You Hiding Your Faith

One of the best compliments I received was a co-worker refusing my help on her injury-on- duty report. How is this a compliment? She refused my help based on me being a Christian and assuming I would not lie in the report. She was right — I wouldn’t have lied. She chose to have... -Read More

We Don’t Meet God Halfway

  I’m not the handiest guy in the world. I worked in construction for a few years as a teenager and the guys I worked with called my hammer the “quarter pounder” because I hit the nail 1 in 4 swings. I’ll be here all week, folks. One thing that I never enjoyed was... -Read More