Dig Deep

Build a Foundation with Bible Memorization

  People today are busy. We go non-stop 24/7 and are pulled in a million directions. We need strength, wisdom, and hope. We are at times desperately short of reliable information to raise children and live with a happy heart in a happy home. We need to look no further than the Bible. It... -Read More

Nationwide Initiative Draws People Back to Church

  Almost 30,000 churches nationwide as well as over 1,400 churches internationally are participating in a strategic program in September to intentionally draw unchurched and dechurched people in and to help them to make lasting connections in the local church. What is the distinction between unchurched and dechurched people, you may ask? Simply, the... -Read More

Transitioning Through the Seasons of Life

    Schools are starting back up after the summer and the fall season is upon us. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Most people have a favorite season and one that they don’t look forward to. One thing for sure regardless of how we feel about any season they will constantly come... -Read More

An Emotionally Healthy Lifestyle

Emotions are an important part of being human. The question is how should you understand the emotions and handle them appropriately? You don’t want to play on the emotions or downplay the emotions. You don’t want to make the emotions all-important, but you don’t want to make them unimportant either. So, how do you... -Read More

When The Theology Of Grace Is Challenged

  The message of grace has been a sweeping movement in the Christian world and is gaining traction. No matter what background a person happens to come from, it is shaking things up in a good and big way. Yet, recent scandal in the life of one of “graces” biggest proponents, Tullian Tchividjian, (former... -Read More

Resources to Combat Three Enemies

The Christian life is one of great peace but also great conflict. A Christian is someone who is at war with three great enemies: the world, the flesh, and the devil. The devil and his attack In the book of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul dealt with the sinful flesh in chapter four, the influences... -Read More

The Gospel Ministry

Over the past decade there has been a great resurgence of the gospel in church ministry. As one writer put it, “There has been an explosion of gospel-centeredness.” On the whole, this is a very encouraging development. And yet there’s a danger that the word “gospel” can simply turn into the latest buzzword or... -Read More

A Case of Mistaken Identity

In a culture obsessed with self-image and success, it is natural to see our own self worth in terms of our own achievements. It is easy to believe that our value is defined by our abilities, that the smarter, richer and more powerful we are the more important we are. However, this way of... -Read More

We Never Outgrow The Gospel

As a pastor of a church plant, I am often asked how we gear our church services; are we aiming at the unbeliever or the believer? In other words, what people are asking me is whether I focus on saving the unbeliever or strengthening the believer. My answer is always the same: “Yes!” Because... -Read More