Next Generation

Are you a lukewarm Christian?

Most Christians have heard the term “lukewarm Christian” and understand its negative connotation. In fact, a lukewarm Christian can have an interest in God, such as going to church or reading the Bible and may look spiritual outwardly, but he does not allow God to have full access to every area of his life.... -Read More

Engaging a Generation

First Priority works with local churches to impact students’ lives before they leave for college As the new school year begins, parents and students alike are on the lookout for clubs and extracurricular activities that capture their attention and give students something constructive to do. One place that many students flock to at the... -Read More

Time for Change

What if you knew a way to limit the probability that your teenager would become pregnant? Wouldn’t you make whatever changes were necessary to help your child avoid an unplanned pregnancy? Wouldn’t almost any change be worth it? Change” is the word that took the election by storm. We have been hearing a lot... -Read More

Patching up ‘The Hole in our Gospel’

“The Hole in our Gospel,” a new book by Richard Stearns, analyzes modern Christendom’s commitment to the whole Gospel, not just the altar call. “More and more, our view of the Gospel has been narrowed to a simple transaction, marked by checking a box on a bingo card at some prayer breakfast, registering a... -Read More

A club to curb cussing

He has received more than 60,000 pieces of hate mail in the past seven weeks, and profanity-laced e-mails daily fill his inbox. Teaming with the torrent of written abuse has been scores of threatening voice messages. Given the quantity of ridicule being heaped on this person, you might conclude that he is a serial... -Read More