Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church Plans to Launch LauderdaleLead

Businesspeople from all walks of life meet monthly at Boca Raton Community Church for BocaLead to enjoy a casual lunch and take away a few principles to help their professional life grow. This popular event, pioneered by Pastor Bill Mitchell, a businessman for 25 years, is now being offered in Fort Lauderdale beginning in... -Read More

Pu Pu Platters and Intimacy

Being single for the majority of my 52 years of living, I have a few observations when it comes to dating. Though there are some consistencies from dating in my 20’s and in my 50’s, there is one aspect that seems to be more prevalent today: the lack of intimacy. By intimacy I am... -Read More

When Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

Are you a “do-it-yourselfer”? If you can take care of home repairs, lawn work and other types of maintenance by yourself, you’ll save money and probably gain satisfaction. But you will almost certainly need some help in other areas of your life – one of which may be investing. In fact, you could benefit... -Read More

Back to School Prayer Lays a Foundation for Success

As students return to school, people throughout South Florida will once again gather in prayer at their local elementary, middle and high schools on the Saturday before school starts to pray for the local campuses. Initiated by First Priority, a ministry passionate about connecting the church to reach the campus for Christ, Back to... -Read More

Can Opioid Addiction Be Overcome? Faith-based Programs Point the Way

The nation is facing an opioid epidemic. In May, Governor Rick Scott declared a public health crisis in Florida. Opioid overdoses claimed 582 lives in Broward in 2016, nearly two each day, which is higher than lives claimed by car accidents or gunshots, according to Broward Sheriff Scott Israel. A Community Action Team, comprised... -Read More

Kids Can Feel Confident about Heading Back to School

For many children, the first day back to school is an exciting one. Students are ready to take on the year with new haircuts, backpacks, school attire and supplies. But for less fortunate children, whose families are unable to afford these things, the first day back to school can be a little more daunting.... -Read More

Is That All There Is?

In 1969, Peggy Lee sang a haunting song questioning life. After seeing a house go up in smoke as a child, was that all there was to things? After going to a circus, was that all there was to the big top? After being dismissed by a boyfriend, was that all there was to... -Read More

Defeating Depression

What is depression? It is the most common psychological problem faced by humanity. At some time nearly every human being suffers a season of depression as he or she journeys through this life. For some it becomes a lifestyle and condition that they rarely escape. But what exactly is depression? Depression is a deep... -Read More


My wife and I were having an important discussion a number of years ago, one of those husband and wife discussions that center on schedules, budgets, decisions, etc.  Important stuff, right? Our three-year-old daughter did not hesitate to interrupt our discussion because she was thirsty and she needed her “dink” right now.  She would not stop... -Read More

Can Money Buy You Happiness?

Many say that money can’t buy happiness; nearly everyone wants to test that theory. Most people believe they would become happy if they only had more money; however, lottery winners provide telling case studies of what happens when people’s financial dreams come true. The stories of financial ruin, divorce, misery and even murder of... -Read More