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Wozniak and Saban to Inspire Architects of Tomorrow at Leadercast 2016

Committed to transforming leaders by clarifying their calling, challenging their minds and engaging their hearts for service, Lifework Leadership and the National Christian Foundation will be a local host for Leadercast 2016 on Friday, May 6. The largest one-day leadership event in the world, Leadercast will feature nationally-acclaimed speakers such as Apple Co-Founder Steve... -Read More

Improving Your Retirement Finances

Jeff Masters Good News   Approaching the time in life when you hope to have enough savings and investments to retire can be challenging and confusing. But don’t be discouraged. It’s never too late to improve your retirement prospects. Here are some ideas and recommendations on how you can improve your retirement finances.  ... -Read More

What about Life Insurance?

Life insurance may be one of the most important purchases an individual will ever make. An August 2010 study by LIMRA, an insurance research organization, revealed that ownership of individual life insurance has fallen to a 50-year low in the United States: 30 percent of households (35 million) have no life insurance coverage at... -Read More

John Fisher Has a Passion for Leaving a Legacy with Your Wealth, Values & Influence

John Fisher, owner of Fisher Precious Metals, is a national industry expert on buying gold and silver bullion and establishing precious metals IRAs. He is also a Certified Appraiser with the International Society of Appraisers and facilitates certified appraisals. However, his expertise was originally developed in support of Christian ministries. After spending over a... -Read More

The Most Expensive Time of the Year

  Wow, I can’t believe it is that “expensive” time of the year again! Christmas is supposed to be the season to have fun while enjoying the holiday with family and friends. However, the cash crunch and credit card bills arriving in January seem to ruin the joy. It’s no wonder that the holidays... -Read More

What to Do When the Stock Market Crashes

  We all experienced a lot of market ups & downs recently. We know that markets rebound from crises over time. However, the recent market volatility has affected investors more than anytime since the Great Recession in 2008-2009. This volatility can be very unsettling, but it is a natural part of the market. We... -Read More

Reigniting Your Dream Beyond Mid-life

At a recent Go-DRREAM Workshop I hosted, I was amazed to find an audience of mostly 50 and 60-somethings waiting to learn how to reach their dreams. I should not have been surprised. After many years of moonlighting as a grant writer and evaluator, I left a full-time faculty position to dedicate my time... -Read More

Divorced Over Money?

  You’ve probably heard that money problems are one the most significant factors that can lead to divorce. According to a Citibank survey, 57 percent of divorced couples cited money problems as the primary reason for the demise of their marriage. Having counseled couples financially for over 20 years, I have found that money... -Read More

A Good Way to Save For Education Costs

  For some time now the cost of a college degree has been rising at a shocking rate, and as a result the dream of one day going to college, for many, remains just that…a dream. But the rising cost of college has brought heavy debt burdens that have many new graduates wondering if... -Read More

Can You Afford $400?

A typical American household cannot raise $400 without borrowing money or selling possessions, according to the results of a survey published recently by the Federal Reserve, the US central bank (The Fed’s Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2013). The agency asked 50,000 people if they could handle an unexpected “financial... -Read More