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Total Comfort Air Conditioning Makes Service Top Priority

Joe Sedeyn, president of Total Comfort Air Conditioning, Inc., has been in the air conditioning business in South Florida for 38 years and a faithful supporter of the Good News for eight years. While providing sales and service to residential and commercial customers, he strives to be honest, dependable, trustworthy and faithful to God’s... -Read More

Surviving the Holidays Financially

Christmas is the time of year to have fun while enjoying the holiday with family and friends. However, the magic can also be extinguished by the mad rush of stressful shopping, vacation planning and other obligations. It’s no wonder that the holiday season is actually one of the most stressful times, especially from a... -Read More

H. Wayne Huizenga, Jr. Discovers True Wealth

“Pop has accomplished incredible things,” said H. Wayne Huizenga, Jr., the son of local businessman Harry Wayne Huizenga, who grew Waste Management, Inc., Blockbuster Video and AutoNation into successful companies and previously owned the Miami Dolphins, Florida Panthers and Florida Marlins teams. “But when they started, they were so poor that Pop sold his... -Read More

Depend on Paradise Service Technologies for Plumbing and AC Service

When it comes to plumbing and air conditioning services, Matt Rich, owner of Paradise Services Technologies, has been providing quality service with experience and integrity for more than 25 years. By demonstrating consistent reliability, his ultimate goal is to satisfy customers with competitive pricing and service second to none. A loyal advertiser for 16... -Read More

Avoid Mistakes with Life Insurance

Life insurance may be one of the most important purchases an individual will ever make. An August 2010 study by LIMRA, an insurance research organization, revealed that ownership of individual life insurance has fallen to a 50-year low in the United States: 30 percent of households (35 million) have no life insurance coverage at... -Read More

Networking the Church

We have all experienced a time when someone from your church or the Christian community eagerly wants to get to know you, or is insincerely nice to you for some underlying motive of a “business opportunity” or to present directly or indirectly their product or service. We agree to see them because they go to our church... -Read More

Why Most People Never Accumulate Surplus

For years now, Americans have been among the world’s worst savers. This is most astonishing since we live in one of the most prosperous nations in the world. The 2013 Bureau of Economic Analysis reported that Americans on average saved only 3.8 percent of their disposable income. Compare this to the 13.3 percent saved... -Read More

At the Wheel of John Herbeck’s Auto

Drew Ciba, owner and president of John Herbeck’s Auto Repair since 2002, has built a reputation for doing great work and charging honest prices. A longtime resident of South Florida, he was brought up in Margate, later moved to North Carolina, but was drawn right back to settle in Pompano. Ciba and his wife,... -Read More