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Why Most People Never Accumulate Surplus

For years now, Americans have been among the world’s worst savers. This is most astonishing since we live in one of the most prosperous nations in the world. The 2013 Bureau of Economic Analysis reported that Americans on average saved only 3.8 percent of their disposable income. Compare this to the 13.3 percent saved... -Read More

At the Wheel of John Herbeck’s Auto

Drew Ciba, owner and president of John Herbeck’s Auto Repair since 2002, has built a reputation for doing great work and charging honest prices. A longtime resident of South Florida, he was brought up in Margate, later moved to North Carolina, but was drawn right back to settle in Pompano. Ciba and his wife,... -Read More

Investor Bad Behavior

When it comes to money and investing, we’re not always as rational as we think we are, which is why there’s a whole field of study that explains our sometimes strange investment behavior. It is important to control your emotions and avoid self-destructive investor behavior. We call the gap between general market returns and... -Read More

Effects of the Student Loan Bubble

Americans owe $1.2 trillion in student loan debt, a number that has tripled in the last decade, according to a recent NY Daily news article. Student debt now exceeds the total of auto loans, credit cards, and home-equity debt balances, making student loans the second largest debt of U.S. households only following mortgage debt.... -Read More

Preparing For Loss of the Family Provider

We all manage our budgets, plan for our major purchases, have financial plan for paying for our children’s college and our own retirement, but we seldom consider end-of-life planning. In reality, 2.4 million Americans die each year — and that number grows every year. Losing a loved one is an unfortunate event. More often... -Read More

529 College Savings Plans Offer Tax Benefits

Saving for college—whether for your children or your grandchildren—has become easier in recent years with the emergence of state-sponsored savings plans. Called a Section 529 Plan, after the section of the Internal Revenue Code that created them, these plans are offered by all 50 states and provide tax benefits to college savers. Two options... -Read More

Christian Marketing Strategies

In this era of decreasing church attendance in many regions of the country and in various demographic segments of our society, some churches have turned to innovative marketing strategies in an intentional approach to draw the unchurched in the doors or to take the gospel to them where they are. In the eyes of... -Read More

Don’t become a victim of elder investment fraud

Sadly, it has become increasingly common for the elderly to become victims of fraud, exploitation or just plain bad advice. An estimated $40 billion is lost every year to investment fraud with losses from seniors totaling as much as $3 billion.  One in five older Americans over the age of 65 — a total... -Read More

Unmarketing: Jesus’ Unconventional Method of Spreading His Message

I’ve thought for the longest time that marketing and advertising (my chosen profession) is probably the most useless things in the world of Christianity.  My rationale goes something like this: Jesus didn’t have a brand. He didn’t even have logo. Jesus didn’t have the media. He didn’t even have the internet for crying out... -Read More

Investing Pitfalls

Are you investing money like it was yours for your purposes, or are you investing as a steward of God’s resources with diligence and care? Making a return should be a by-product of doing what God has called you to do. Remember that peace does not come by building up material possessions and it... -Read More