Teachable Moments

If you are a parent, chances are that you have learned to pick your battles with your child. But knowing exactly when to let something slide and when to address an issue immediately is not always easy. Samantha James, a kindergarten teacher at Palm Beach Christian Academy in West Palm Beach and mother of... -Read More

Overcoming the Challenges of Step Parenting

  Being a step-parent is very sacrificial and requires a thick skin to roll with the punches that come with the role. I always tell my friends who are dating a person with kids that step parenting can be extra hard work. Marriage is hard enough alone, so imagine adding kids, exes and brokenness... -Read More

Take a Break for Fall Colors

One of the things people who have moved from a northern area to South Florida may miss is the obvious change in seasons, as evidenced by brightly colored fall foliage. Whether a vacation is specifically timed for a fall view or takes advantage of the public school’s fall break schedule, fall foliage is not... -Read More

Connecting with Smartphone Obsessed Kids

75,400,000 — That’s quite a significant number. It represents the total population of millennials — those people born between 1983 and 2000s — dubbed “the smartphone generation.” The largest generation in the United States, this population is certainly different from any other, as they are digital natives. They witnessed the explosive growth of the... -Read More

Back to School Tips from a Teacher

The first day of school is fast approaching, and for most kids this day is full of excitement and new everything. For first timers though, (like kindergarteners or kids attending a completely new school) the first day of school can be more stressful than thrilling. But what about us parents? We also get nervous... -Read More

Seven Steps to a Great School Year

Before any big event, wise people make thorough preparations. Whether it’s a wedding, a vacation or a new career, we want to be prepared for whatever comes our way. In the same way, wise parents plan ahead for their child’s success. Instead of playing defense and taking on each battle as it comes, it... -Read More

Your Bucket List for Summer Fun

It’s summer! The kids are home from school and schedules change from homework help to summer camps. Even if you don’t have kids, there’s something about summer that makes us want to break away, take a vacation or try something new. Here are some fun ways to celebrate summer simply right here in South... -Read More

Teach Your Kids about Money

  Most parents make exceptional efforts to train their kids in sports, academics and social activities not realizing the great effect of the neglect of early training in the disciplines of finances. A recent survey by found that about 20 percent of parents, nearly one in five, had never spoken with their kids... -Read More

Help for Dads and Moms to Change Kids’ Behavior

  “I’ve tried everything!” said Maria. “Discipline plans, behavior methods, every program I can find, but the kids are still not well behaved! What’s the secret? Can you help me, please?” In this case Maria was a teacher. Dr. Pearson, our visiting professor and a successful principal in K-12 education, responded, “Tell me what... -Read More

Ways Students Can Use Summer Vacation to Prepare for the Future

Is your family thinking about the skills and experience your child needs for college and future success? The majority of college admission officers recommend that students start preparing before or by ninth grade. Yet, more than half of middle level students haven’t started prepping for college, according to statistics from the National Honor Society... -Read More