Lessons Learned in Sportsmanship

The spring schedule of sports and the arts are in full swing. As parents, we desire to give our children a variety of experiences to broaden their horizons. Whether sports or the arts, getting along with others is imperative for any group activity.   Play well with others Sportsmanship is the appropriate and fair... -Read More

Explorer Program Gives Youth a Taste of Public Service

Imagine you are a police officer. It’s late at night and you’ve just pulled over a suspicious vehicle. As you and your partner approach the car, you must analyze and decide your next move in milliseconds. Suddenly, the driver jumps out of the car and approaches you shouting that he “wasn’t speeding.” As you... -Read More

The Wrong Kind of Fireworks

If I said, “fireworks” and “marriage,” would you think of a euphoric feeling that overflows from your effervescent love-life? Unfortunately for many couples, marital fireworks may be anger explosions and bitter fighting. Have you ever found yourself doing any or all of these when you fight? Saying “you never …” or “you always …”... -Read More

Speak Their Love Language

Everyone wants to be loved and this is the month when our minds and hearts focus on relationships. People talk about falling into and out of love. They wonder, “Why can’t it always be the way it was in the beginning when we first fell in love?” Once that emotional high, known as the... -Read More

Experience Bethlehem in Coral Springs

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord” (Luke 2:11) An interactive recreation of Bethlehem, the renowned city of David and the birthplace of Jesus, can once again be experienced in Coral Springs. Sponsored by First Church of Coral Springs, Bethlehem Revisited will... -Read More

What’s On Your Family’s Wish List

What does your family Christmas wish list look like? I’m sure if your family is anything like mine, your wish list will have little to do with toys and a lot to do with technology. Whether it’s the new iPhone 6s, iPods, iPads or iTunes, the massive takeover of technological devices and gadgets is... -Read More

How to Parent Foolishly

Twenty-one years old, I sat holding my six-day-old baby. I realized that, quite frankly, I had made a mess of my life up to now. The only thing I had gotten right so far was convincing this wonderful man next to me that I was a catch worth keeping, and somehow got him to... -Read More

What Should We Tell Our Children About Santa

Christmas brings with it a number of ethical questions: how should Christians engage in what certainly can be a holiday of excess, pride, selfishness and greed? How can we make sure our children realize the far greater importance of Easter and the resurrection when culture has made Christmas so much more important? These are... -Read More

Churches Pitch In to Build SafePlace Playground for Kids in Crisis

When abused, abandoned or neglected children must be removed from their homes, 4KIDS of South Florida welcomes them to SafePlace, a temporary shelter where they are lovingly cared for while arrangements are made for appropriate placement in foster homes. Because this is an often scary and confusing time for children, SafePlace desires to provide... -Read More

Mending a Broken Family with Some Spiritual Superglue

As a kid growing up in the 70’s, family sitcoms gave wonderful and idealistic family values — two-parent families with lots of love, laughter and light-hearted humor such as “The Brady Bunch” and “Happy Days.” Family dramas included biblical and moral values such as “Little House on the Prairie” and “The Waltons.” But, perhaps... -Read More