Nick Vujicic Will Visit Florida Schools to Stand Against Bullying

Nick Vujicic, the Australian-born YouTube sensation and worldwide speaker who has shared his amazing life story to full-capacity crowds in venues across 54 countries, will visit six Florida schools November 3 – 6 to speak out against bullying. His powerful message will also be simulcast online and viewed live in school assemblies throughout the... -Read More

Home Education is a Growing Trend

  As back to school sales mark the approach of another school year, a growing number of both secular and religious Floridians is choosing to educate their children at home. From 2003 to 2012 the percentage of children who are being home schooled has gradually increased from 2.2 percent to about 3.4 percent. Home... -Read More

Creating a Family Mission Statement

  Time passes quickly. Goodbye to the hazy, lazy days of summer. Hello to getting ready for school and college. Checking items off our “to get” list and merely thinking about schedules and routines make our heads swim. A new school year calls for recommitment and is the perfect time to create a Family... -Read More

Preparing For The Unknown And Seeking Peace

My youngest daughter is beginning Kindergarten this year. She is excited, but a little nervous, as she prepares for this new grand adventure, filled with growing responsibilities and a charge to be a big girl. We can sense and clearly see that she is both filled with a sense of boldness, new kitty cat... -Read More

Deja’Vu: Caring for An Aged Loved One

Standing in line at Home Depot with a cart full of boxes, moving paper, bubble wrap, and tape, the cashier said, “Ma’am, you’re next.” In a haze, deja’vu, so to speak was I. An overwhelming sense of familiarity, “I’ve done this” washed over me. Less than two years ago we lost Mother to cancer,... -Read More

Summer Fun in Broward

As excited as everyone becomes about summer vacation, the time eventually comes when the typical ideas fail to relieve boredom. Even people with two-week vacations can find the time moves too slowly without something interesting to do. Many find reading an interesting book, visiting friends or a trip to the library enriching, but there... -Read More

Family Reunions Help Tell the Story of Us

In “the good ol’ days,” Jim and Shirley Cox, of Plantation, celebrated their annual family reunion at their beach house in a little coastal town called Garden City in South Carolina. The reason for the reunion was simple: to bring family members together. There was no schedule of activities to be planned, no internet... -Read More

When We Love Them, We Fight for Them!

As parents, we will face countless trials and tribulations.  Sometimes the issues are small — sometimes they can spiral out of control.  As a mother there have been more times than I care to count where the possibilities were frightening, but the options were few. Many times my only option was…fight. When we love... -Read More