Health Insurance for College Students

Sending your child off to college has enough challenges; college health insurance doesn’t have to be one of them. In-state college Your child can either be on your family plan (until they are 26) or you can get them their own policy. Some colleges have special plans for their students that make sense, and you... -Read More

Overcome Any Addiction

If you’re addicted, please listen. You may feel like you don’t have it in you – like you’ve tried to get sober and failed. You feel like you’re at war and you’re getting the snot knocked out of you. It feels like you are starving and you have no more supplies, and you’ve been... -Read More

What You Need to Know about Eating Disorders

In the United States, eating disorders account for the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Nearly 24 million people suffer from an eating disorder. Coupons tempt us with cheap, late-night fast-food. Tabloids frighten us with “imperfect” bodies and blurred-out faces. Billboards discourage us with “perfect” bodies offering liposuction. Should we eat or not?... -Read More

A Well-Rounded Wheel Keeps Life Balanced

Check email. Check news. Check Facebook. Check Twitter. Check. Check. Check… Finally sit. Then we realize we just need more time. Today, we are so hurried, always in motion, always ready to jump.  Our lives are full of to-do’s. When faced with a task or goal, we tend to focus much of our energy,... -Read More

Three Supplements That Can Change Your Life

In today’s day and age, claims and opinions regarding nutritional supplements are a dime a dozen. Doctor Oz says to take this, your brother-in-law says to take that, and supplement ads everywhere promise energy, strength and nutritional bliss if you will just cough up the $29.99 for their particular product. While it is vital... -Read More

A New Year, a New You

The list of resolutions has been written, to become healthier, to be more active, to cut out the junk food, and the list goes on. Now let’s get moving. Taking on a new you can be an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. Changing one small thing a day leads to 30... -Read More

Holiday Fitness Tips

For many, the season of unhealthy holiday eating begins all the way back in October with Halloween. Two Snickers bars for the kids, one for mom; five Twizzlers for you, two for me. Then, before you’ve even had time to catch your breath – or loosen your belt – the Thanksgiving eating extravaganza arrives.... -Read More

5 Fitness and Health Myths

Perhaps you have been contemplating starting a new fitness routine. You have bought new sneakers, new workout clothes, and even a new recipe book for your new healthy lifestyle. Then, right as you begin, all your friends, family and co-workers begin to advise you what to do or what not to do. We have... -Read More

Paleo… WHAT?

Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig… all diets claim to be the best. The list grows every year, and yet so do the waistlines of an overwhelming number of Americans. While these diet plans serve their respective purposes and are often successful in helping people lose weight, most of them include a shocking... -Read More

How to Go from Couch to Finishline

According to a recent study by the World Health Organization, 5.3 million people die each year as a result of illnesses tied to lack of physical activity including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, breast cancer and colon cancer. Now is the perfect opportunity to get moving in order to proactively prevent these illnesses, as... -Read More