How was the Bible made?

My first Bible was a red King James Version New Testament given to me by the Gideons when I was in the fifth grade. I took it home and read its first words: “The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. Abraham begat Isaac; and Isaac... -Read More

Can the recession cause you to pack on the pounds?

Consumers are used to buying cheap cereals and processed foods in order to save money. And in the midst of a recession, this unhealthy habit may seem more crucial than before. But, the reality is that these are the very foods that are causing obesity, inflammation and sickness. According to some nutrition experts, a... -Read More


Back when I was in high school, it was not uncommon in my group of friends to borrow a little change for an occasional afterschool snack in exchange for a proverbial I.O.U. To satisfy the debt, we would either pay back the money or the one who owed would buy the next time. For... -Read More

Fighting lupus with faith

It has often been said, “When man makes plans, God laughs.” Kia Paynes-Gentry knows this saying all to well. At 26 years old, Kia was living the typical lifestyle of a young woman her age. Working full-time to get through college, Kia was excited to graduate and begin working at a local hospital. Unfortunately,... -Read More

Forgiving the guy who’s just not that into you

The comedy “He’s Just Not That into You” reminded me of the painful reality of how many women have been hurt by men I call “bozo” guys. I asked a single gal the other day what she thought of the movie, and she said, it was “good but painful.” She went on to say... -Read More

When two say ‘I do,’ money an issue?

“Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor. For, if either of them falls, the one will lift up his companion. But woe to the one who falls when there is not another to lift him up.”–Ecclesiastes 4:9–10. Making financial decisions can be hard enough for one person,... -Read More

Fathers: The Antidote for Fear

It was 24 hours before Hurricane Andrew was scheduled to come crashing in on South Florida. My elementary-aged children were helping us get the shutters up and put away outside furniture. Our house was a whirlwind of activity, and I was totally oblivious to the wide-eyed fear on my kids’ faces as they ran... -Read More

An Easter basket that could save your marriage

Spring is busting out all over! Well, maybe not all over, but at least in the grocery story candy aisle. Have you already bought some goodies for your family’s Easter baskets? My family loves the peanut butter and chocolate eggs and, of course, the tiny jelly beans. And what about your spouse? Do you... -Read More

Be anxious for nothing, not even the economy

Many people today find themselves wondering, “Why should I stay positive when we are in the midst of a serious financial crisis, and people are losing their homes and jobs? Why stay invested in the stock market when it seems like the losses keep mounting day after day?” These questions are not easy to... -Read More

We all need a Savior, so be ready to share the Gospel

Recently, I attended the Asian Culture Festival held every March in Homestead. Fascinated by the earthy and rustic beauty of Asian dance and apparel, I enjoyed watching various performers reenact dances, marshal arts drills and songs commemorating their Asian heritage. I even sampled some of their native cuisine, including some sweet Thai iced tea... -Read More