Financial tips for newlyweds

Newly married couples should be able to accomplish more in harmony in every way than they ever could accomplish separately – and that certainly includes the way finances are handled. So, it’s important that both wife and husband understand that it’s not to be “my” money and “your” money; it needs to be seen... -Read More

Time for Change

What if you knew a way to limit the probability that your teenager would become pregnant? Wouldn’t you make whatever changes were necessary to help your child avoid an unplanned pregnancy? Wouldn’t almost any change be worth it? Change” is the word that took the election by storm. We have been hearing a lot... -Read More

Forgiving the guy who’s just not that into you

The comedy “He’s Just Not That into You” reminded me of the painful reality of how many women have been hurt by men I call “bozo” guys. I asked a single gal the other day what she thought of the movie, and she said, it was “good but painful.” She went on to say... -Read More

When two say ‘I do,’ money an issue?

“Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor. For, if either of them falls, the one will lift up his companion. But woe to the one who falls when there is not another to lift him up.”–Ecclesiastes 4:9–10. Making financial decisions can be hard enough for one person,... -Read More

‘Daddy, is that what a man does?’

You’ve probably seen it before: A father brings his 10-year-old son to a professional football game with some of his buddies. During half-time the cheerleaders strut out onto the sidelines. The man takes out his binoculars, and, after watching the cheerleaders for a moment, passes them through the outstretched hands of his son to... -Read More

An Easter basket that could save your marriage

Spring is busting out all over! Well, maybe not all over, but at least in the grocery story candy aisle. Have you already bought some goodies for your family’s Easter baskets? My family loves the peanut butter and chocolate eggs and, of course, the tiny jelly beans. And what about your spouse? Do you... -Read More

Relationship tune-up

Churches across Florida begin marriage mentoring programs to lower local divorce rates. When Billy Graham was asked his secret for being married to the same person for more than five decades, he described his marriage to Ruth as “happily incompatible.”  Liz and Jerry Hablitzel of Boynton Beach understand that thousands of married couples can... -Read More

Year of the Father

This past election year we heard the word “leadership” repeated many times – not just concerning elected officials. We were looking for financial leadership, corporate leadership and even energy leadership. Every day, we heard about a change in the type of leadership America needs. It all boiled down to the obvious. People don’t get... -Read More

Not just for Valentine’s Day

What is one of the kindest things someone has ever done for you? When I thought about this recently, one of the first things that came to mind was when I suffered a significant head injury several years ago. A few weeks into my recovery, a friend called to say she wanted to clean... -Read More

Traditional memories

We are heading into a season of great opportunity. For some families, Thanksgiving and Christmas help define who they are. For others, these holidays are little more than eating and an expense.  We are heading into a season of great opportunity. For some families, Thanksgiving and Christmas help define who they are. For others,... -Read More