Governor Scott Signs Pastor Protection Act into Law

Churches, religious organizations and individuals may not be required to perform any marriages that would violate their conscience or be compelled to use church property for such ceremonies if they would violate their sincerely held religious beliefs now that Florida’s Pastor Protection Act has passed and been signed into law by Governor Rick Scott... -Read More

Is the Bible Like Asbestos in the Public School?

Jerry Newcombe Good News   It is amazing that people today want to treat anything from the Bible as if it’s asbestos (to borrow a line from Christian attorney Jordan Lorence) if it somehow shows up in a public school. Historically, it was the push to teach the Bible that gave birth to education... -Read More

How Scalia Stood Strong for Decades

A great man has died, Antonin Scalia. Imagine his great homecoming to be with his Lord, whom he ultimately served. If there is not a royal battle over the appointment of his successor, then it would appear that the Republican Party has no pulse. Such a battle will be about what the future of... -Read More

In life and death, Scalia changed the Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the leader of the court’s conservative wing and an intellectual powerhouse, died on Feb. 13 at age 79, sending shock waves through the legal and political spheres. Scalia was the longest serving member of the current court. He appeared to have died from natural causes at a West Texas... -Read More

Study Reveals Changing Attitudes and Behaviors on Pornography—Especially Among Young Adults

The increasing impact and reach of pornography in the digital age cannot be overstated. In “The Porn Phenomenon: A Comprehensive New Survey on Americans and Pronography,” compiled by the Barna Group, the research reveals a younger and younger exposure to pornography, increased desensitization and an escalating usage of pornography. These results are particularly evident... -Read More

Hobby Lobby Founders Plan Bible Museum

Faithful. Humble. Grateful. Obedient. Serving. These are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind after spending a weekend at the Christian Mastermind Summit at St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton, hosted by David Green and his lovely wife of 55 years, Barbara Green. David Green has closely followed Biblical principles... -Read More

Battle for Our Nation at the Polls

Another election year is upon us. With so many big issues in play, there is a lot at stake. And much of the battle will be fought in the primaries. For the most part, the die will be cast at that time. But many Christians too often choose to sit on the sidelines. Some... -Read More

Challenging California’s New Abortion Law

I remember many years ago there was a bumper sticker that asked, “What do you choose when you’re pro-choice?” In reality, most “pro-choice” advocates often push one choice to be available and exercised — the choice to terminate a baby’s life via abortion. And now if the liberal legislature and governor in California have... -Read More

Rubio, Fiorina, and Cruz Up Among Evangelical Insiders

  Republican Marco Rubio still holds a commanding lead in WORLD’s third evangelical insiders survey, but GOP rival Carly Fiorina is gaining ground on the heels of another standout debate performance. The findings are part of a monthly survey of 103 evangelical leaders and insiders, 91 of whom participated in September. The results are... -Read More

Operation Lift Hope Gala Launches Mission to End Homelessness for Veterans

When it comes to Veterans and the homeless, Operation Lift Hope is embarking on a mission to leave no one behind. The Fort Lauderdale initiative spearheaded by developer Andy Mitchell, president and CEO of the Fairwinds Group, has brought together a coalition of business leaders, politicians, government and service providers, church and community members... -Read More