Lessons from the Land: Before the Rooster Crows

  One of my most memorable experiences in Israel happened many years ago right outside the Old City of Jerusalem. I was living at a school on Mount Zion at the time, pursuing a master’s degree in Judeo-Christian Studies. As students often do, we came up with a bright idea that provided adventure while... -Read More

Sustainable Living Community Projects Impact Haiti

Frank McKinney is a real estate “artist,” bestselling author and “philanthro-capitalist” in Palm Beach County, and as such has been involved with providing housing for the relatively affluent in South Florida for over 25 years. But for more than 14 years now, he has also been building entirely self-sufficient villages in Haiti, the poorest... -Read More

Why is Jerusalem so Controversial?

Jerusalem — for some it’s a name that invokes the Psalms describing its beauty, its spiritual significance and the importance of praying for its peace. For others it stirs a wide spectrum of emotions and a quagmire of international disagreement. Here are several reasons for the multilayered controversy over Jerusalem.   The United Nations,... -Read More

Report Details Disturbing Trends in Persecution of Believers

Persecution against Christians worsened again in 2016, with an estimated 215,000 experiencing “high, very high, or extreme persecution” in 50 nations around the world, according to the 2017 World Watch List. Open Doors, an international organization that monitors and supports persecuted Christians, compiled the list and released it on Jan. 11 in Washington, D.C.,... -Read More

Will the US Embassy Be Moved to Jerusalem?

The United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Committee (UNESCO) recently attempted to deny the historical and biblical connection of the Jewish people to Jerusalem and, indeed, all the land of Israel, by referring to the Temple Mount and other Jewish holy sites only by their Muslim names. In response to this blatant denial of... -Read More

2016 Year in Review

Here is a month by month review of the biggest news events of the year. January 2 — Protesters, led by Ammon and Ryan Bundy, take over a wildlife refuge in Oregon and begin a weekslong standoff that ends with one dead and eight arrested. 6 — North Korea claims it successfully detonated its... -Read More

South Florida Supports Disaster Relief Effort to Haiti

  Haiti has been struck by yet another natural disaster, only six years after being rocked by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that leveled Port-au-Prince and Jacmel. The same Hurricane Matthew that barely missed the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area and came somewhat closer to North Florida, slammed into the southern peninsula of Haiti as a Category... -Read More

Moroccan Christians risk persecution with YouTube testimonies

(WNS)–In a new series of YouTube podcasts, Moroccan Christians are stepping out of the shadows, showing their faces, and telling their stories. Speaking to their countrymen, they proclaim themselves “Moroccan and Christian.” The public testimonies counter the common view that to be Moroccan is to be Muslim and that all Christians living in Morocco... -Read More

Jesus’ Rebuke of Three Cities

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light” (Isaiah 9:2). The common application of Isaiah 9:2 is a spiritual one in which the “people walking in darkness” are those who lived prior to Christ and without knowledge of his saving power. And while that is a valid spiritual application, this verse... -Read More

Local Churches Send Youth to Spread the Gospel

This summer, churches are sending people all over the world — to Germany, Brazil, India, France, England and many other countries to spread the gospel. Among them, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church is sending youth to Costa Rica and Christ Fellowship youth are traveling to Bolivia to answer the call to go into the world... -Read More