Islamic State Destroys Tomb and Threatens Christians

Compiled from World News and ASSIST News reports MOSUL — Islamic State militants have destroyed tombs long ascribed to the Old Testament prophets Jonah and Daniel in Mosul, according to eyewitness reports and video footage posted on YouTube. The demolition came as the Sunni-led, al-Qaeda-linked militants—who stormed Mosul June 10 and have occupied Iraq’s... -Read More

UN Calls for Cease-fire in Gaza

WORLD News Service GAZA — The UN reports the death toll in Gaza has crossed 500, and the world body is calling for an immediate cease-fire. That’s what Israel, Egypt, the Arab League, and others wanted over a week ago when Hamas said no. Rarely does international politics present such moments of moral clarity,... -Read More

ISIS orders female circumcision in Mosul

ASSIST News Service The radical group ISIS is seeking to impose female genital mutilation (FGM) in Mosul, a top UN official in Iraq told the BBC. The edict stated that all females aged 11 to 46 in Mosul must undergo the procedure, UN official Jacqueline Badcock reported noting the extraordinary pronouncement was of grave... -Read More

Is Boko Haram’s Motivation Mysterious?

Here we are after the kidnapping of some 300 girls by a radical Islamic group in Nigeria, and there are still many in the West who don’t get it. They just don’t understand the motivation of the kidnappers. Radical Muslims want to take over the world. They divide it into two parts—those who submit... -Read More

U.S. Works for Meriam Ibrahim Exit in Sudan Death Row Case

KHARTOUM, SUDAN (ANS) — The U.S. says it is working with Sudan to ensure a woman freed from death row can leave the country, after she was detained at Khartoum airport. According to a story by the BBC, Meriam Ibrahim’s lawyer says she and her husband are being questioned over their travel documents. She... -Read More

Themed Cruises Promise a Spiritual Getaway

Summer is upon us and it’s time to plan that special vacation. For people seeking an all-inclusive, hassle-free and often economical escape, cruises are popular. Where else can you stay in a luxury cabin while the ship transports you to a variety of ports, entertainment and activities are provided on board and the food... -Read More

A June Day in Jerusalem

Still waking up, but with hot coffee in hand, we step outside on the balcony to join the pots of red geraniums that are already welcoming the day. The Jerusalem sky never fails to stun us. It is too blue to be real, but there it is, always this blue through at least September,... -Read More

Learning to Decipher the Rhetoric

One of Israel’s staunchest allies, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, recently visited the Jewish State and expressed great solidarity between the two countries. The highlight of the very warm and friendly visit was his speech before the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, where he told Israel’s leaders that Canada would stand behind them through “fire... -Read More

The Palestinian Jesus

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas issued a Christmas message in Bethlehem last month in which he called Jesus “a Palestinian messenger.” As a Muslim, Abbas used the term “messenger” which is in keeping with Islam’s view of Jesus as a prophet. But, to describe him as “Palestinian” is a very cunning twist of facts... -Read More

Getting to Know Pope Francis

Pope Francis became the leader of the Roman Catholic Church on March 13, 2013. Since that time, he has become one of the more controversial popes in the church’s recent history. In the last 64 years, there have been seven Popes: Pope Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II,... -Read More